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The Golden Forge is the ninety-third episode of Bakugan: Battle Planet.


As Dan and Drago battle to free Trhyno from Tiko's infection, they learn the history of Vestroia and the nature of Golden Bakugan.


Trhyno has triggered a deep hibernation cycle, he is no longer present and will be gone for a long time, but what happened to Dan and Drago inside? With Trhyno's V Virus disappeared, Benton cannot find the location to the Great Core Cell now, so he decides to install the program that will turn the Core Cells into a network.

Pyravian and Goreene attempt to make another Golden Drome to save Dan and Drago, but they struggle as they used up too much energy. Unfortunately, nobody can go and save Dan and Drago, Trhyno cannot be fully healed when they are present - they are lost. The Core Cell device is complete, with the infected Core Cells, Earth and Vestroia are now becoming under Benton/Tiko's control. Pyravian senses all the Core Cells have become infected by the V Virus, Wynton realizes this is the Core Cell Network Systems doing. The Great Core Cell is the last Core Cell remaining, which Tiko is trying to find, Pyravian and Goreene are ready to leave to protect it. Magnus, Wynton, and Riot tag alongside Goreene and Pyravian while Lia, Shun leave towards the surface, and Lightning stays behind.

Back at the surface, plants have surrounded buildings, and a Core Cell is in the air, Lia and Shun realize something isn't right. Meanwhile, Dan and Drago find themselves in an unknown place, wondering where they have gone.

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