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The Golden Drome is the ninety-second episode of Bakugan Battle Planet.


Then, while Dan and Drago enter the Golden Drome to heal Trhyno, the rest of the AO defend the Golden Drome from a militia.


Dan and Drago find themselves inside Trhyno's body, noticing the V Virus, they decide they must defeat the V Virus in order to save Trhyno. Drago uses Bit Blast and Twisting Inferno to attack the V Virus, but the pillars also have the virus inside. Dan and Drago discover Trhyno's Antibody, who is Trhyno's physical will to destroy the V Virus.

Evolved into Titan Drago, Drago attempts to finish off the V Virus, but it keeps taking different forms to take down Drago and Antibody Trhyno. Outside of Trhyno's body, Tripp appears with the Bakuzon and Lupitheon to stop the heroes from healing Trhyno. Pyravian calls out to Antibody Trhyno and Drago to hurry up and erase the V Virus, but Trhyno's infection is worsening, he is starting to give in to Tiko's virus. Trhyno tells Dan and Drago that he will use his power to end the battle by triggering a deep hibernation process, causing a burst of energy. Trhyno has triggered his deep hibernation process as a last resort in order to heal and not allow Tiko to control him.

Featured Brawls

  • Dan Kouzo (Drago) vs. V Virus = No result, Trhyno activates deep hibernation
  • Wynton, Lia, Shun, Lightning, Magnus, and Riot vs. Col. Tripp and Bakuzon = The heroes win

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