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The Final Brawl is the 51st episode of Bakugan Battle Brawlers. It aired on November 9, 2008 in English.


While the Brawlers are distracted fighting against Centorrior and Druman, Silent Naga goes after Wavern and the Infinity Core that she possesses. Dan leads the Brawlers to defeat the two hybrid Bakugan but after Drago defeats Centorrior, they run off to battle Naga himself, but when Drago arrives he finds Wavern trapped with no other choice, but to give the core to her brother. With Fourtress and Storm Skyress having been already defeated by Silent Naga, Drago commences battle with Naga alone. When the battle continues with Drago unable to match Naga's Silent Core powers, Wavern tells Drago that the only way for him to win the battle is for him to attack her and take the Infinity Core from her. Drago does so (with the uttermost regret) knowing that it will be the only way to defeat Naga and to save Vestroia. When Naga shows only annoyance at the death of Wavern and no remorse of any kind, Drago becomes full of rage and evolves into Infinity Dragonoid! Infinity Dragonoid and Silent Naga commence battle and Drago is able to back Naga into a corner. At this point Hal-G summons the Fifth Paladin, five stone-like Paladin soldiers which act as an Elite Guard for Naga, to aid their master. Naga then sets the Paladins on Drago who they manage to beat to the ground.

Major events

  • The Brawlers destroy Centorrior and Druman, allowing Dan and Drago to go help Wavern.
  • Wavern asks Drago to kill her to prevent Naga from getting the Infinity Core.
  • Drago complies with Wavern's request and uses Ultimate Dragon to kill her.
  • Drago absorbs the Infinity Core and evolves into Infinity Dragonoid.
  • A section of the downtown area becomes a floating island, with Drago and Naga engaging in a final battle on top of it.
  • Hal-G summons the Fifth Paladin, who overwhelm Drago.

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