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The Element is the 12th episode of Bakugan: Gundalian Invaders. It aired on August 8, 2010.


Ever since Neo Ziperator was captured by the Jesse Glenn of the Twelve Orders, Neo has gone into “sealed mode”, preventing the Gundalian forces from opening him. Kazarina explained to Ren Krawler that Neo Ziperator might be holding the The Element. Sid Arkale then took Neo Ziperator from Ren planning to return it to Emperor Barodius and get the praise and reward instead of Ren. On the way, Sid runs into Dan Kuso and challenges him to battle. In the first round Sid throws Rubanoid much to everyone's surprise. After Rubanoid was defeated, Neo Ziperator came out of “sealed mode” and Sid used him against Drago in battle. As soon as Neo stood on the battlefield, a big flash lit up the entire stadium, swallowing Helix Dragonoid. Neo then proceeds to give Drago the Element, in exchange for his own life. This makes Drago evolve into Lumino Dragonoid. Afterwards Neo appeared to Linus Claude in a dream saying he passed on the Element to a more worthy Bakugan, afterwards Neo heads to the afterlife, Linus says his farewell to his now deceased partner. Ren and Sid are berated by Barodius, Gill and Kazarina for having lost the Element so soon after getting it. And as punishment, Sid is fired from the Twelve Orders for his incompetence and failures, which causes Sid's Rubanoid to lose his temper and lash out his anger on Barodius for permanently dismissing Sid for his stupidity and incompetence right before Krakix knocked him out for his fury. As a result, Rubanoid is taken by Kazarina for experiments as punishment for his anger and his hostile behaviour towards Barodius, while Sid is disposed of. Ren is given one final chance to prove himself to Barodius.

Featured Brawls[]

Dan Kuso Vs Sid Arkale[]

Round 1[]

  • Dan Life Force: 500 Points (100%)
  • Sid Life Force: 500 Points (100%)


Sid throws his Gate Card and Rubanoid. (Power: 900 Gs)
Dan throws out Drago (Helix Dragonoid). (Power: 900 Gs)

Sid activates the ability Corundum Tusk. (Rubanoid: 900 - 1200 Gs)

Dan activates the ability Dragon Hammer to nullify Corundum Tusk. (Rubanoid: 1200 - 900 Gs)

Dan then activates the ability Firim Tornado. (Drago: 900 - 1300 Gs) (Rubanoid; 900 - 500 Gs)

Sid opens his Gate Card (Ruby Storm) to increase Rubanoid's power level and enable his Level 2 Battle Gear Ability to be activated. (Rubanoid: 500 - 900 Gs)

Sid sends out his Battle Gear: Destrakon Gear and equips it to Rubanoid. (Rubanoid: 900 - 1000 Gs)

Sid activates his Battle Gear Ability: Destrakon Gear Vickers. (Rubanoid: 1000 - 1400 Gs) (Drago: 1300 - 900 Gs)

Dan sends out his Battle Gear: JetKor and equips it to Drago. (Drago: 900 - 1000 Gs)

Dan activates his Battle Gear Ability: Jetkor Delta (Drago: 1000 - 1500 Gs). Drago attacks Rubanoid knocking him down.

  • Sid Life Force: 80%

Dan wins this round.

Round 2[]

  • Dan Life Force: 500 Points (100%)
  • Sid Life Force: 400 Points (80%)


Dan throws his Gate Card and Drago. (Power: 900 Gs)
  Sid throws out Rubanoid. (Power: 900 Gs)

Sid activates a Consecutive Ability: Scarlet Plate plus Red Deeper. (Rubanoid: 900 - 1200 Gs) (Drago: 900 - 600 - 200 Gs)

Dan activates the ability Burning Reflector to nullify all of Rubanoid's abilities. (Drago: 200 - 900 Gs) (Rubanoid: 1200 - 900 Gs)

Sid sends out his Battle Gear: Destrakon Gear and equips it to Rubanoid. (Rubanoid: 900 - 1000 Gs)

Sid activates his Battle Gear Ability: Destrakon Gear Brinell. (Rubanoid: 1000 - 1400 Gs)

Dan activates the ability Hyper Helix Shield to gain the same power. (Drago: 900 - 1400 Gs)

Sid throws out Neo (Neo Ziperator)

(Then there is the scene where Drago and Neo are talking and Neo passes The Element to Drago.)

Drago had evolved into Lumino Dragonoid. (1400 - 1500 Gs)

Dan activates the ability Cross Fire (Drago: 1500 - 1800 Gs). Rubanoid gets knocked out.

  • Sid Life Force: 0

Dan Kuso Wins the Brawl

Bakugan Debuts[]

Mobile Assault Debut[]

Bakugan Seen[]

Battle Gear Seen[]

Mobile Assault Seen[]


Deleted Scenes[]

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Deleted Scene - Linus as child

  • In a deleted scene in the Japanese version, Linus was seen as a child encountering Neo Ziperator absorbing a part of Sacred Orb's energy to become the Element.
    • This is also the first appearance of the Sacred Orb and Dragonoid Colossus in the Japanese version, albeit in a flashback. In the English dub, they made their appearance in The Sacred Orb.