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The Big Bounce is the fiftieth episode of Bakugan Battle Planet.


The Awesome Ones confront Philomena with concerns about her control over the Core Cell energy and are fired in the most unceremonious of manners.


The Core Cell system that will connect humans and Bakugan is complete, the result of the system allows the AAAnimus grunts to use Bakugan without the need of a device. The AO is amazed at their hard work that allowed this to happen. In the elevator, the AO wonder what reward they’ll get because the AAAnimus workers seemed thankful, but they notice that AAAnimus is forcing the Bakugan to work. The question Kravitz and she reveals they have perfected a Bakugan control system that allows them to control all Bakugan with the Core Cell rather than using a device.

This device when completed allows humans to use Bakugan as cheap labor and they will obey commands. Philomena tells the AO that their work here is done, and Col. Tripp and the AAAnimus grunts come to throw them out, Tripp takes off his helmet and reveals his identity, he used a scent blocker so Lightning wouldn’t uncover his identity and ruin AAAnimus’ plan. Col Tripp tells Dan and the others that he was kicked out of the army and AAAnimus hired them, they need to leave. The AO send out their Bakugan, Dan tells Tripp that AAAnimus won’t get away with their plans. Unfortunately for the brawlers, this was a trap that allows Tripp to use the Core Cell device to control Drago, Trox, Pegatrix, Hydorous, and Howlkor. Tripp tells the AO that they took the data from the rampage from the incident to program their Bakugan.

The Awesome Ones aren't finished, so the Brawlers send out Cyndeous, Gorthion, Lupitheon, Artulean, and Vicerox to get their Bakugan back. The controlled Bakugan fight against the brawlers and Tripp suddenly evolves Drago into Hyper Dragonoid, Drago has evolved without the need of Dan, this is the power of the Core Cell system. Tripp tells Drago to use Drago’s Fury and Dual Strike, and the AO’s Bakugan are defeated. Col Tripp has won and now has Drago, Trox, Pegatrix, Howlkor, and Hydorous. The AO go back to their Studio after being defeated, they have lost their Bakugan, but they are not finished, Dan vows to save Drago and the others, and his friends agree.

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  • The Awesome Ones vs. Col. Armstrong Tripp (Controlled AO Bakugan) = Col. Armstrong Tripp wins

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