The Bee (蜂, Hachi?) is a mechanical creation made by Professor Clay in Bakugan: New Vestroia. It was created to spy on people, and send messages via hologram (flying to the recipient and projecting a hologram). It was used by Spectra and Gus. Once Keith goes with the Resistance, the Vexos aren't seen using them anymore; when Gus is captured, only Keith has them and still uses them whenever he wants. He also allows Mira to use them. One of (if not his only) Keith's Bees were destroyed by Professor Clay who threw a Shock Baton at it.



The Bee is a mechanical ornithopter about the size of a real insect. It can fly, hover in the air, and project holographic images of the person it was sent by. It is used quite commonly by the Vexos.


Bakugan: New Vestroia

It was first used by Hydron to spy on the Resistance.

It was then used to send Dan Kuso a message from Gus. It follows Dan to the bathroom and waits outside, and when Dan comes out it shows him the message of Gus challenging him to a brawl.

It was also used to follow and spy on Mira so that Lync could find and brawl her.

It is used again to send Lync a message from Spectra about letting him come back to New Vestroia with him.

Later a mechanical object that looks like The Bee comes and traps the Resistance under a gate.

In Volt's Revolt, Keith lets Mira borrow his to contact Professor Clay and ask him to join the Resistance. Professor Clay declines though and throws a Shock Baton to destroy it.


  • It may have trans-dimensional capabilities, as one traveled from Earth to the Mother Palace without the displayed need for a teleport. It was also able to receive the message from another dimension.
  • It looks simliar to the Spy Flies used by Mrs. Coulter from the movie The Golden Compass.


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