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The Bakugan Breakers is the sixty-ninth episode of Bakugan Battle Planet.


Magnus’s new team of Bakugan Brawlers overhear Lightning’s warnings of a sick Core Cell and decide to capture the dog to find its location.


The Awesome Ones are back in the surface in Benton's office, Aay and Kurin are spying and listening on the conversation to tell Magnus what's happening. Aay and Kurin lure Lightning with a fake bone and kidnap him so they can find the Core Cell. The Awesome Ones discuss going back to warn Trhyno about Tiko taking over the Bakugan, they notice Lightning is missing.

The team of Magnus, Riot, Tripp, Aay, and Kurin take Lightning into the Maze in order to find the route to the Core Cell, they run into traps along the way that force Aay and Kurin out. The Awesome Ones arrive to find the Core Cell site was broken into by Magnus and his friends.

Magnus, Riot, Tripp, and Lightning find the Core Cells, but its guarded by Trhyno. The Awesome Ones arrive face to face with Magnus once again, who is aiming to get the Core Cell.

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