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Terrorclaw (Japanese version Cancer (キャンサー, Kyansā?)) is a large crab-like Bakugan.


It has two large, strong and sharp pincers used to squeeze its enemies. With six legs, it is one of the fastest monsters.

Bakugan Official Handbook

Feeling crabby? Maybe you've encountered this crablike Bakugan in a brawl. Terrorclaw's large, sharp claws can shred its enemies.

Bakugan Ultimate Handbook

Thanks to its six legs, Terrorclaw is one of the fastest Bakugan around. Of course, its legs aren't what make this monster dangerous. It's its terrifying claws, of course! They can really put a squeeze on Terrorclaw's enemies.


Bakugan: Battle Brawlers

Runo's Haos Terrorclaw was the first of her Bakugan to go to the Doom Dimension in Masquerade Ball. It was returned to her in Home Sweet Home.

Marucho, Klaus, Christopher, and Jenny each had Aquos Terrorclaw. There was an Aquos Terrorclaw trapped in ice on the Aquos/Ventus plane of Vestroia in episode 41.

Shuji and Akira both had Subterra Terrorclaw.

Dan used a Pyrus Terrorclaw against Ryo in episode 4.

Ability Cards
  • Dive Mirage: Moves Terrorclaw into any Gate Card and nullifies this Gate Card. (Standard Aquos Ability)
  • Water Refrain: Prevents the opponent from using abilities for a short time. (Standard Aquos Ability)

Physical Game

In the first video game, Terrorclaw can be purchased in all attributes except Ventus. It starts at with 270 Gs.

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