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Team Sellon

Team Sellon (チームセロン, Chīmu Seron?) is a Bakugan team in Bakugan Interspace, sent by Mag Mel and led by Sellon in Bakugan: Mechtanium Surge. Team Sellon is composed of only female Brawlers. Their goal is to be on the top of the leaderboard and later to gain Drago's powers, although the latter is uninformed to the rest of the team.

When Sellon was revealed as one of Mag Mel's servants, Team Sellon was officially disbanded, although Chris and Soon are still both together as a team.




Other Bakugan and BakuNano[]

After Sellon's Death[]


  • The attributes of Team Sellon are Ventus, Subterra and Haos while the Attributes of Team Anubias are Darkus, Pyrus, and Aquos, thus making a Dextra.
  • With the exception of Sellon, not one member of the team has won against a named brawler yet.
  • If them and Team Anubias combined, they would cover all 6 attributes. This is due to Ben using Pyrus, Jack using Aquos, Robin using Ventus, and Noah using Subterra.