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Team Dragaon (チーム ドラガオン, Chimu Doragaon?) are the main protagonists of the BakuTech anime and manga series.


Team Dragaon was formed after Harubaru was defeated and then befriended the Grif Brothers.
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In the manga, they are all training under the strict tutelage of Master Shimo and had joined the in-universe event called BakuTech Colisseo.

Master Shimo

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Master Shimo is the teacher of Team Dragaon and the current owner of the Bakugan Dojo.


Harubaru Hinode

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Harubaru is the primary protagonist of BakuTech. He is a Pyrus Brawler and his Guardian Bakugan (whom he refers to as his "Companion") is Flare Dragaon.

Raichi Kuronashi

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Raichi is the deuteragonist of BakuTech and Harubaru's friendly rival. He is a Darkus Brawler and his Guardian Bakugan is Destroy Munikis.

Koh Grif

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Koh is the younger of the Grif Brothers, a pair of wealthy individuals that challenged the Bakugan Dojo's brawlers. He is a Haos Brawler and his Guardian Bakugan is Kilan Leoness.

Sho Grif

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Sho is the older of the Grif Brothers and the most well-known (if not the only) Ventus Brawler in the BakuTech series. He is a Ventus Brawler and his Guardian Bakugan is Van Falco.


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