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Team Anubias

Team Anubias (チームアヌビアス, Chīmu Anubiasu?) is a Bakugan team in Bakugan Interspace, sent by Mag Mel and led by Anubias in Mechtanium Surge. Team Anubias is composed of only male Brawlers and their original goal was to be the top brawlers in Bakugan Interspace.

The team briefly was in disappay after Anubias revealed himself as one of Mag Mel's servants.

Known Members[]

Bakugan Used[]

​After Anubias' Death[]


  • The Attributes of Team Anubias are Darkus, Pyrus and Aquos, where the attributes of Team Sellon are Ventus, Subterra and Haos (making a Dextra).
  • With the exception of Anubias, not one member of the team had won against a named brawler.
  • If them and Team Sellon combined, they would cover all 6 attributes due to Chris being a Darkus brawler, and Soon being a Haos brawler.