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A synthetic Hawktor


A synthetic Coredem

Synthetic Bakugan are virtual Bakugan cloned from real ones. They have counterparts in either Neathia or Gundalia. Synthetic Bakugan were created by Ren Krawler, Marucho Marukura, and the scientists at the Marukura company for the sole purpose of battling in Bakugan Interspace due to the fact that not enough existing Bakugan were available for the program. These virtual Bakugan, unlike real Bakugan, cannot talk and cannot exist outside of cyberspace, however, they can perform the battle functions of normal Bakugan. Like real Bakugan they respond to Gate Cards and Ability Cards. Synthetic Bakugan are offered to Brawlers in Bakugan Interspace as battling partners. They can be programmed to speak a phrase multiple times as shown when Marucho programmed Akwimos to say "Cool is the rule, dude!" in True Colours. Though synthetic Bakugan can't exist outside of Bakugan Interspace, Taylor and Casey both had theirs outside Bakugan Interspace. It is unknown if they were programmed to evolve.

List of Synthetic Bakugan


  • Even though Synthetic Bakugan can't exist outside of Bakugan Interspace Team Sellon's and Team Anubias' Bakugan help fight on Earth in episode 25 of Mechtanium Surge, so they might be real.
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