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Code Eve's scheme about the Switch Code.

Mag mel110

The Switch Code is the bond between both battlers and Bakugan, as explained by Code Eve. She also explained that Bakugan can battle with any brawler but it is one certain brawler that is destined to be their partner and can unlock the true power. Daniel holds Drago's code and Barodius holds Dharak's. Barodius stated that his royal family called it "Solidarity" while on Earth is denominated as "friendship" (As Dan and Drago say, "Whatever it is,... we're connected".)

Barodius (now as Mag Mel) considers the Switch Code as his "Key", while Dharak (now as Razenoid) considers the original DNA as his "Gate", because if both Brawler, Bakugan and Mechtogan are in sync, they can summon a Mechtogan Titan. But their powers are incomplete, so they need to capture Dan and Drago. Each time they both were close each other, they suffered mentally because of their connection. During the new invasion in Gundalia, Dharak completed his Gate; while in Interspace, Barodius complete his Key (with Sellon's help). However, Anubias and Sellon were doubled-crossed and killed by their own creator, who absorbed their energies to became "whole".

After Mag Mel self-destructed in the dark reversed dimension, Dan and Drago were saved by their link with the Gate and Key.

Other Instances[]


  • The gates and keys that Drago, Razenoid, Mag Mel, and Dan have almost look like the six attributes when in a circle.