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Swayther (スウェイザー, suweizaa?) is Hawktor's Battle Gear. It belonged to Shun Kazami in Bakugan: Gundalian Invaders and It is part of the Battle Cannons group.


Swayther is a Bakugan Battle Gear. When engaged it spreads out its wings and attacks with its two blaster barrels. One barrel shoots fire, while the other a freezing chemical. It drops colossal bombs that release a thermal wave incinerating anything in its path.

Bakugan Dimensions[]

Swayther spreads out its wings when it engages in battle. It is equipped with two blasters-one that shoots fire and another that shoots a freezing chemical. Swayther increases its Bakugan top flight speed and evasive capabilities.[1]


Bakugan: New Vestroia[]

Swayther first appeared as a digital clone used by Spectra along with Rock Hammer. Later the clone of Hawktor wielding it was defeated when Drago learned how to use his Battle Gear, JetKor.[2]

Bakugan: Gundalian Invaders[]

Hawktor used Swayther to help him defeat Krakix and Contestir.[3]

Hawktor used Swayther to defeat Lumagrowl, but while using it he was defeated by Strikeflier.[4]

Hawktor used Swayther to defeat Coredem.[5]

Hawktor used Swayther to defeat Strikeflier, but Krakix proved too much for him, and he was defeated.[6]

Hawktor used Swayther to battle Lythirus.[7]

Ability Cards
  • Swayther Gekkou: Transfers 400 Gs from the opponent to Swayther.


The Gold version has 80 Gs and the Silver version has 90 Gs. A Japanese Silver Swayther has 200 Gs.

Element: G-Power(s):
Goldyp Gold: 80 Gs
Silvera Silver: 90 Gs, 200 Gs (Japan)
Coppery Copper: N/A

Reference Card

  • Ventus: Move a DoubleStrike Bakugan from your used pile to your unused pile. If you do, your Bakugan gets +100 G-Power.
  • Darkus: Flip a coin for each standing DoubleStrike Bakugan. +100 G-power for each heads.