Super Five (超(スーパー)5(ファイブ), Sūpā Faibu)?) (Catalogue Number BTA-08) is a Bakugan set released in the BakuTech Series.

It contains one Gold Pyrus Rise Dragaon, one Clear Blue Darkus Hollow Munikis, one Yellow Clear Pyrus G-Ganorada, one Red Aquos Saint Aquas, one Gunmetal Haos Well Galow, one Gate Card, one Ability Card, and one storage box made of cardboard.

Bakugan Included

Cards Included

Gate Cards:

  • Gold:

Ability Cards:

  • Red:


  • Only the Gold Rise Dragaon and Clear Blue Darkus Hollow Munikis actually appeared in the anime series. It appeared during the demonstration in the season one episode Gachi Baku!
  • Contrary to the official shot, the Clear Blue Darkus Hollow Munikis is actually equipped with Gold-colored Nata Nagina Sole Parts instead of Gold Metal Hollow Parts.


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