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Super Assault is the name of Gundalian Invaders' Special Attack Bakugan. Several of them are also Special Evolution Bakugan, extremely powerful Bakugan that can only can be played when the Power Level (a term used to describe how many Gate Cards have been won in total), is at a certain level. Some Super Assault Bakugan have their own Special and Unique Abilities.


Name Set Highest G-power Special feature
Lumitroid BakuBolt 750 Light Up, sound
Farakspin BakuCyclone 750 Spin
Chance Dragonoid BakuChance 860 Dice Thrower
Quake Dragonoid BakuTremor 1000 Vibrate / Special Evolution
Clawsaurus BakuVice 750 Spring
Splight BakuZoon 1000 Turbine/ Special Evolution
Raptorix BakuCyclone 820 Spin
Mystic Chancer BakuChance 850 Dice Thrower
Merlix BakuChance 950 Dice Thrower
Glotronoid BakuBolt 760 Light Up
Cobrakus BakuTremor 800 Vibrate
Breezak BakuZoon 800 Turbine
Apexeon BakuBolt 810 Light Up, sound
Longfly BakuVice 1200 Spring/ Special Evolution
Quakix Gorem BakuTremor 880 Vibrate
Ziperator BakuZoon 1100 Turbine/ Special Evolution
Volt Elezoid BakuBolt 870 Light Up
Sprayzer BakuVice 910 Spring
Venoclaw BakuVice 900 Spring
Buz Hornix BakuTremor 860 Vibrate