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Super Almighty Bakugan! (超万能爆丸!, Chou Bannou Bakugan!?) is the 27th episode of BakuTech! Bakugan. It aired on October 6, 2012.


Following the evolution of the Grif Brothers' Guardian Bakugan and their intense training; the two brothers decided to challenge the residents of the Bakugan Dojo into a decisive brawl in preparation for the Tavanel Cup.

Master Shimo officiates the Brawl as Harubaru takes his turn first. He stands Rise Dragaon in one of the three Gate Cards in the field. Sho shoots Tri Falco and exhibited his increase in shooting strength and efficiency when Tri Falco drove itself and Rise Dragaon out of the Gate Card; leaving burn marks in the table in the process.

Raichi knew that the increase in the over-all strength of Tri Falco and Shield Leoness is because they were given the DNA of Rise Dragaon and Hollow Munikis through the BakuThron DX. He takes his turn and stands Hollow Munikis. Sho shoots Tri-Falco and nearly knocked out Hollow Munikis. Instead, Tri-Falco shifted Hollow Munikis to an adjacent Gate Card.

Harubaru takes his turn and attempts to knock out Tri Falco. Tri Falco puts up extreme defense which resulted in Rise Dragaon being tossed up in the air and getting it shifted in another Gate Card. Sho proceeds to explain the three different modes of Tri Falco which gives him more strategic options.

Sho called it "The Super Almighty Bakugan" which infuriated Tatsuma that the Grif Brothers had changed a lot. However, this got Harubaru even more excited for what is yet to come.

With all three Bakugan standing in different Gate Cards, Koh saw it as a perfect opportunity to finally take his shot with Shield Leoness.

Featured Brawls

Koh Grif and Sho Grif versus Harubaru Hinode and Raichi Kuronashi

Harubaru shoots and stands Rise Dragaon

Sho shoots Tri Falco and drove both itself and Rise Dragaon out of the Gate Card

Raichi shoots and stands Hollow Munikis

Sho shoots Tri Falco and shifts Hollow Munikis to an adjacent Gate Card

Harubaru attempts to knock out Tri Falco with Rise Dragaon

Tri Falco defends and shifts Rise Dragaon to an adjacent Gate Card

Koh attempts to shoot Shield Leoness.

To be continued on the next episode...

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Bakugan Bakutech episode 27

Bakugan Bakutech episode 27

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