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I'm gonna rock your world!

Stronk (ストロンク, Sutoronku?) is a BakuFusion Bakugan. He combines with Spatterix to form Scorptak. He is one of the Guardian Bakugan of Wiseman.



Stronk is a potent combatant with a terrifying appearance. A snake-like skeleton lets him slither undetected towards enemies. An all terrain warrior, Stronk can climb or crawl almost anything. When in close proximity to enemies, Stronk offers a deadly blow with his stinger tail that injects a poisonous toxin. Stronk fuses with Spatterix to form the ferocious Scorptak.


Bakugan: Mechtanium Surge

Screen Shot 2012-01-01 at 11.29.17 AM.JPG

He first appeared in Evil Arrival, with Spatterix and the other Nonets stating that he "admires the hatred that the Nomadic Mechtogan had in their hearts".

In Wiseman Cometh, he was freed from the Doom Dimension by Wiseman along with the other Nonets after learning that Drago is the descendant of the Original Dragonoid who banished the Nonets. He then fought the Battle Brawlers along with other Nonets but he barely battled since he didn't attack any of the Brawlers Bakugan. He helped summon the evil Mechtogan and was later defeated alongside the other Nonets when they lost control of Mechtavius Destroyer.

In Mysterious Bond, he was seen with the other Nonet Bakugan in ball form.

In The Prodigal Bakugan, he at first just fought Shun Kazami with Spatterix when his Bakugan wasn't with him. He then fought Jaakor, Skytruss, and Orbeum alongside Spatterix. After struggling with Jakkors attacks, he combined with Spatterix to form Scorptak, in order to overpower Jaakor.The combined Bakugan fought Jaakor, Orbeum, and Skytruss. They overpowered the three alone, but once Magmafury was formed, the duo was defeated.

Stronk battled the Brawlers Bakugan along with the other Nonets in Enemy Allies . He got attacked by Dragos fire. He helped summon the evil Mechtogan and was defeated when Mechtavius Destroyer lost the battle.

He appeared in Battle for Bakugan Land, teaming with Spatterix again to fight Fusion Dragonoid and Reptak. He also managed to beat Damdos. Stronk mostly focused on Reptak. They appeared to be easily defeating Drago and Reptak when they formed Scorptak and tearing Bakugan Land apart, until Dan used Combustoid and Defendtrix on his Bakugan to separate the two, and eventually defeat them.

In Battle Suit Bash, he was seen in ball form with the other Nonets.

Stronk appears in Countdown to Doomsday, where battled the Brawlers Bakugan along with the other Nonets. He and Spatterix got kicked hard by Drago and Reptak at the beginning of the fight. He later fused into Scorptak once again and battled Betakor to a stalemate. He helped summon the evil Mechtogan and was later transported back to Wiseman's headquarters along with the other Nonets when Mechtavius Destroyer defeated Dragonoid Destroyer.

In The Eve of Extermination,he battled the Brawlers Bakugan along with the other Nonets. He and Spatterix got kicked hard by Drago and Reptak again at the beginning of the fight. Later his power was used to call upon the evil Mechtogan. He was defeated when Mechtavius Destroyer lost.

In Enemy Infiltration, he was used to summon Slycerak, Exostriker, and Mandibor alongside the rest of the nonets. He was later wandering around the cave when he ran into Skytruss and Orbeum. He chased them out of the cave until they were ambushed by Spatterix. The duo battled Skytruss and Orbeum, and launched them away with a booby trap set by Spatterix.

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In Gunz Lives, he, Spatterix, and Worton fend off the Brawlers using their own Battle Suits. It is later revealed that they were being manipulated into giving the Wiseman the energy he needed to reveal his true form, Coredegon.

In Evil Evolution, he is seen being defeated by Coredegon along with the other Nonets. Stronk is later trapped in a cave leading to the Doom Dimension with the other Nonet Bakugan by Wiseman. They later escape from the cave (without Worton) team up with Gunz Lazar and begin to battle Mechtavius Destroyer.

In Evil vs. Evil, he and Spatterix combine to form Scorptak to battle Mechtavius Desteroyer with the other Nonets (except Worton and Balista), but is severely outmatched. They manage to deal a large amount of damage. They try to take down Mechtavius Destroyer after Kodokor sacrifices himself to give him a chance to defeat him, but it fails and he and Spatterix are separated. Spatterix tells Stronk that they have to combine again, when Stronk asks why, as he always thought Spatterix hated combining with him; he admits that Stronk was the best partner he ever had. However, they are slain by Mechtavius Destroyer. Stronk's and Spatterix's energy become part of Mechtavius Destroyer, which causes him to grow bigger.

In Blast From the Past, he was shown in a flashback being killed by Mechtavius Destroyer.

Ability Cards
  • Vacuum Stride (Pacan Stride, Japanese version: Parten Stride)
  • Land Tomb (Japanese version: Landtude)

Physical Game

Stronk has been seen in every Attribute except Subterra, which is very ironic. A Pyrus Stronk has 870 Gs, a Darkus Stronk has 870 Gs, a Ventus Stronk has 880 Gs, and a Haos Stronk has 920 or 900 Gs. The holes on its back used to combine with Spatterix can also be used to hold two separate BakuNanos.


  • He opens similar to Saurus in ball form.
  • His ball form in the anime has two extra spikes that fold out near his head, representing his bladed shoulders. The game version of Stronk doesn't include these.
  • He has a DNA Code area on his anime ball form.
  • His open ball form is similar to Wormquake and Centipoid's.