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Stormy Weather is the seventy-ninth episode of Bakugan Battle Planet.



The Awesome Ones continue their journey around the world to use the Core Cell connector to make the energy open-sourced. On their next route, everyone except for Shun is playing a virtual reality game when the airship is suddenly attacked, crashing into the ocean. The culprit who attacked the airship is none other than Pyravian, who looks very angry, but Pyravian is supposed to be an ally to them. It appears that BakuCores can be on top of water, so Dan uses Drago to defend themselves from Pyravian Laser but is no match, forcing him to retreat. Shun uses Vicerox' Bubble Net as a smokescreen so they can escape and repair the airship.

The repair will take some time, so Cubbo distracts Pyravian by constantly dodging attacks while riding Vicerox but Phoenix Fire easily defeats Cubbo and Vicerox. The attack causes a tidal wave, so the next action is to hide at the bottom of the ocean using Turtoniums shield. Pyravian still manages to find them by cutting a hole into the ocean with Vestroia 8, Dan pleads to Pyravian to stop and questions why she is attacking - Pyravian says that they have changed. Dan decides to send out Kelion, who turns the water to steam with Magma Laser, this allows the AO to escape in the repaired airship. The Awesome Ones finally escape safely, but they wonder why Pyravian is angry to the point that she would attack them.

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