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Storm and Spitfire was a Ventus/ Pyrus Fighting Style on Bakugan Dimensions. This Style's Cover Move is Growing Storm.

How to Use[]

  • 2 Ventus Bakugan and 1 Pyrus Bakugan
  • 1 Ventus Bakugan and 2 Clears.

"This Ventus and Pyrus multi-Attribute Fighting Style is all about offense. Best at close range, this style is all about relentlessly beating down your opponent with powerful attacks and combos. With plenty of ways past your opponent's defenses, as long as you can keep the pressure on, they don't stand a chance!" - Bakugan Dimensions explanation.


  • Expert


Storm and Spitfire utilizes the heavy damage of Pyrus and the evasiveness and speed of Ventus.

Defense: Storm and Spitfire does not use any Pyrus defenses, but makes up for it with its "interrupts". Circular Currents will dodge back and move forward. Growing Storm will provide a weak counterattack and will boost, your attack the next turn.

Attack: This attack style will crush your opponent's defenses. In case of a block, Nova Dive will deal more damage. In case of an interrupt, Flaming Uppercut will ignore it. Whatever defense you're up against, Wind Burst will dispel it if the attack hits. With a total of 2 combo starters, 3 combo continues and 4 combo escapes, this Fighting Style relies heavily on combos to deal major damage. Heat Aura, the only Gate in this style, will let your attacks deal more damage at close range. Combined with Ventus' and Pyrus' close range attacks, Heat Aura can be a killer. When used correctly, Storm and Spitfire can dish out more than 1100 damage. It is considered one of the best Fighting Style/Multi Style on Bakugan Dimensions.






Storm and spit fire deck

An example of three Bakugan and/or Mechtogan needed to use this fighting style.