Bakugan Starter Kits are packs of themed Bakugan released in Japan. Each Starter Kit contains three Bakugan spheres, one paper Field Mat, one Checklist Poster, three Ability Cards and three Metal Gate Cards.

New Vestroia Starter Kits (BST)


Dan Kit

Gundalian Invaders Starter Kits (ST)


ST-001 (B, C, D)

  • ST-001 Type A: Aquos Helix Dragonoid, Pyrus Aksela and Ventus Avior
  • ST-001 Type B: Ventus Helix Dragonoid, Aquos Aksela and Darkus Fangoid
  • ST-001 Type C: Darkus Helix Dragonoid, Ventus Phosphos and Subterra Fangoid
  • ST-001 Type D: Pyrus Avior, Haos Phosphos and Darkus Fangoid
  • ST-002 Type A: Pyrus Snapzoid, Haos Rubanoid (Translucent) and Subterra Linehalt
  • ST-002 Type B: Haos Hawktor, Pyrus Phosphos and Darkus Lockanoid
  • ST-002 Type C: Pyrus Linehalt, Darkus Coredem and Aquos Gren
  • ST-002 Type D: Haos Helix Dragonoid, Ventus Lockanoid and Pyrus Dharak

BakuTech Starter Kits (BTC)

  • BTC-19 (CoroCoro Victory Deck Battle Master Set): Pyrus Flare Dragaon S, Ventus Van Falco S and Destroy Munikis S
  • BTC-20 (CoroCoro Victory Deck Perfect Stand Set): Pyrus Flare Dragaon G, Haos Kilan Leoness G and Subterra Gran Panzer G
  • BTC-33 (CoroCoro Victory Deck Saint Dragon Ultra Hybrid Set, All Translucent): Aquos Saint Aquas, Haos Kilan Lioness and Ventus Van Falco

BakuTech Starter Decks (BTD)


  • The contents of most BSTs are similar to Entry Value Packs (BBT).
  • BST-04 Mira Kit comes with a normal Subterra Thunder Wilda despite official pictures showing that it is a Flip Subterra Thunder Wilda.


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