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Splight is a Super Assault BakuZoom Bakugan and a Special Evolution Bakugan.



Splight has two shields on the back of its hands that give it great protection. A metal shoulder guards allow it to forcefully drive its challengers to the ground. Claws shoot out of its hands when it’s time to brawl. Long legs give it tremendous jumping ability to avoid quick strike attacks. Splight makes itself invisible during battles and will suddenly appear and attack with his big claws.


Bakugan: Gundalian Invaders[]

In the Gundalian Invaders introduction, a Darkus Splight was seen attacking a Ventus Damakor.

In A New Beginning, a kid used a Darkus Splight and another used a Aquos one.

In Revelation, an Aquos one was used by the Neathian in Ren's story.

In The Element, a few Pyrus Splights were seen searching for The Element with Hurrix vehicles alongside a group of Darkus Glotronoids in Impalatons.

In The Sacred Orb, a couple of Haos Splights were seen battling the Twelve Orders and lost to Krakix and his Dealy enferno.

In Sid Returns, a squadron of Ventus Splights were seen battling Neathia, riding on Darkus Ramdol.

In Infiltrated, a Darkus Splight used Hurrix.

in Dream Escape, an Aquos Splight was used by the Gundalians against Neathia.

Bakugan: Mechtanium Surge[]

Two were last seen in Unlocking the Gate shielding the capital and itself alongside Aranaut and Linehalt.

Ability Card
  • Tusk Needle: (Aquos, Ventus)

Physical Game[]

Splight was released alongside Mystic Chancer, Merlix, Glotronoid, and Raptorix in Wave 2. It is counted as a BakuZoom. Aquos Splight has 1000 Gs or 1200 Gs, Darkus Splight has 1000 Gs, Subterra Splight has 970 Gs, and Pyrus Splight has 950 Gs.

Reference Card
  • EVOLVES FROM: Any Dharak under 700 G-Power.
  • Unique: After you stand a Splight, you may move it to any other Gate Card.


  • Splight bears a strong resemblance to Saint Nemus.
  • Some Splights' packaging list it as a "BakuClone" instead of BakuZoom.
  • Splight is the only Wave 2 Super Assault featured on a generic Attribute ability (Power Drain) in Bakugan Dimensions.
  • Ventus Splight is the second Bakugan seen to be compatible with Ramdol.
  • Splight's ball form looks very similar to Master Core: ABIS, the final boss of the video game Sonic Riders: Zero Gravity.