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Insulting a man’s hair? That’s just downright impolite.
Spectra to Dan, Spectra Rises

Spectra Phantom (スペクトラ・ファントム, Supekutora Fantomu?), also called by his real name Keith Fermin (キース・フェルミン, Kīsu Ferumin?),[1] is a major character in Bakugan Battle Brawlers: New Vestroia and returns in Bakugan: Mechtanium Surge. He was the son of Clay Fermin and is the older brother of Mira Fermin. His Guardian Bakugan is Pyrus Helios MK2 (who becomes Darkus Infinity Helios in Mechtanium Surge) and his Bakugan Trap is Metalfencer.

In the first half of New Vestroia, he was a major villain and Dan Kuso's main rival. During this time, he was the leader, strongest member, and Pyrus brawler of the Vexos.

Early into the show, it is revealed that he is the long-lost Keith Fermin (キース・フェルミン, Kīsu Ferumin?) His pursuit for power and obsession with creating the strongest Bakugan to rule over Vestal, a vision he shared with Helios, put him at odds with not only the Resistance that Mira led, but eventually with the rest of the Vexos themselves causing them not to trust him.

At the end of the season's first half, he is labeled a traitor by the rest of the Vexos, causing him and his loyal aide, Gus Grav, to become free agents. Though they continue to clash with the Bakugan Battle Brawlers Resistance to obtain the Perfect Core's energy from Drago, they eventually become allies as they fight their common enemy, Zenoheld.

He returns in the first arc of Bakugan: Mechtanium Surge. In his quest to become a stronger Brawler, he has become a Darkus brawler and Helios has been transformed into Darkus Infinity Helios. The two are the last to join the season's Battle Brawlers and help stop Mag Mel and the Chaos Army.

Spectra also appears in the video game Bakugan: Defenders of the Core in his New Vestroia outfit, serving as the game's main antagonist and final boss. While Zenoheld appears as the overarching villain.


Spectra is a tall man with a long blond hair that is often spiked up. His Vexos outfit mainly comprises his iconic red mask and red leather coat decorated with black feathers. Underneath, he wears tan pants and Gakuran-like outfit fastened by gold Ouroboros motifs. He also wears ankle-high boots and white gloves.

Spectra's iconic red mask covers the upper part of his face. A small, blue iris appears on a black eye socket, the iris vanishing when the mask is removed and appearing with a red glow when the mask is put back on, and it changes his voice as he put a voice modifier chip in it. he only has one eyehole on the right side while he has no eyehole on the left. The mask might have a computer in it, because it beeps in recognition when Spectra puts it on.

Because of this imposing appearance that compliments his brutal brawling techniques; Spectra earned the title of "Glacial Blaze" [氷の炎 (Koori no Honoo)] in the Japanese version. He occasionally takes off his feathered coat during his time with the Bakugan Battle Brawlers Resistance.

Prior to becoming Spectra Phantom; he has a wavy pink hair of the same hue as his father. He wears a very casual outfit comprising of a white sleeveless shirt with gold motifs and blue pants.

As shown in his fist fight with Shadow Prove, he also very athletic, able to throw Shadow really far and very fast.

In Mechtanium Surge, he changed his attribute from Pyrus to Darkus. Spectra still keeps his blond hair but he changed his hairstyle slightly. To reflect his new attribute specialty, he wore a black mask of equal length and black version of his original outfit from New Vestroia, with the edges are ripped lined and purple tones.


Spectra Phantom

Spectra is cruel and uncaring, serving as an enigma for a majority of Bakugan: New Vestroia. This causes those affiliated with him to constantly contemplate the villain's wants, desires, and intentions, and even his true self, as seen when Mira starts to believe he is her long-lost brother and when Shun questions Spectra's true purposes during the New Vestroia evacuation. He is willing to do whatever it takes in order to attain victory, as seen by his shameless activation of Forbidden Ability Cards. He also is power-hungry, first seeking to rule all of Vestal and later seeking and try to harvest the power of the Perfect Core Energy from Drago and desiring his Helios to become the Ultimate Bakugan. He is confident, and sometimes even overconfident, in his abilities, not even the least bit intimidated by any opponent, he calls Apollonir, one of the Six Legendary Bakugan, an "old Bakugan" and an "old fool." (Perhaps needless to say, Dan and Apollonir won the battle.)

Spectra is lastly shown to get carried away during battle, beginning to scream and laugh evilly, or even insult his opponents. Even his Guardian Bakugan, Helios, acts with Spectra's same mannerisms. Spectra is also very cunning, able to trick opponents easily and lead others into tempting situations when attempting to convert someone over to his cause, as seen when he first shows Gus Grav "true power." He is also unafraid to make threats or even take hostages, as seen when Spectra threatens Dan with Runo's life. Despite his great cruelty, however, and no matter how much of a greedy traitor he may be, Spectra is not without his more "human" emotions, either, as he still feels connected to Mira and even begins to miss Gus when he is believed to be dead.

He also does the right thing from time to time, aiding Dan in evacuating New Vestroia when the threat of the newly activated BT System arises along with previously helping Mira free Ace, Shun and Marucho in Beta City. All in all, however, Spectra is only loyal to himself, as he betrays the Vexos to pursue his own goals and refuses Dan's several offers to team up. The loss to Dan Kuso in their final battle finally causes Keith Fermin to see the error of his ways. While Spectra Phantom is no longer Keith's main identity, Keith does put on the mask from time to time after joining the Resistance, especially in battle. While Spectra now fights only for the Resistance and is more than willing to protect Mira without hesitation, he still retains some of his antagonistic self's mannerisms, particularly his menacing grin and ruthless tactics in battle.

After he entered the Vexos Motherpalace, Spectra calls Zenoheld an "old man" and he also believed that Zenoheld was an even bigger fool than his son Hydron. However, he was willing to help Clay leave the Alternative behind and start a family again. In, Mechtanium Surge Spectra still retains his love for fighting and his ruthless battle tactics. But does all that to aid the brawlers against the Chaos Army and Mag Mel. He felt upset with Dan's new attitude saying he was not the same person who led him out of the darkness, but would often arrive to aid the brawlers in their journey. His love for fighting also had not stopped as he felt fighting to save the earth from Mag Mel's threat sounded fun.

Keith Fermin

Before becoming Spectra, Keith was very attached to both his father and Mira. He even spent time training her to use Bakugan. He even felt a strong connection to his sister when he became the antagonist. He was finally able to see the error of his ways, abandoning the name Spectra and reverting to the way he used to treat Mira. While he was not trusted after his redemption at first, Keith soon became a brother-like figure to his old rival Dan Kuso. He retained his alter-ego's craftiness, using it on several occasions to aid the Brawlers.


Spectra Phantom once had a goal of creating the Ultimate Bakugan. He is actually the brother of Mira Fermin and the son of Clay Fermin, although he said that they were no longer father and son. After his defeat in his final battle with his biggest rival, Dan Kuso, Spectra decided to become a member of the Bakugan Resistance and reverted to the name of his original persona, Keith Fermin. Having realized the error of his ways, Keith abandons his mask and the identity of his alter ego. Helios MK2 remains his partner, and they both do what they can to aid their new allies. While Keith puts his mask and Spectra's old outfit back on when he enters battle, specifically during the processes of helping Helix Dragonoid find an appropriate Battle Gear and in the final battle against King Zenoheld, he now has control over his alter-ego and remembers where his allegiances now lie. He reunites with his thought-to-be dead servant, Gus Grav, during his battle with Zenoheld. After the final battle with the King, Keith becomes a brother-like figure to Dan, staying with Mira while his old rival returns to Earth with friends Shun Kazami and Marucho Marukura.



Bakugan Battle Brawlers: New Vestroia


Originally, Keith lived in New Vestroia with his sister and father. He proved to be a good brother, as he helped Mira get good at Bakugan and told her to never give up. One day he saw Hydranoid getting tortured by his father. This interested him in the nature of Bakugan's sentience, and after desired ultimate power. Eventually, he joined the Vexos, becoming its leader and Pyrus Brawler. With his Bakugan Helios by his side, he vowed to be the strongest in New Vestroia. Sometime afterward, he beat Gus Grav in a tournament in Alpha City, and had Gus join him as his right-hand man.

First Arc

Spectra's appearance in New Vestroia

Spectra Phantom is a major antagonist and was first seen capturing the Bakugan onto his ship with the other Vexos members. Later he is engaged in battle with Baron Leltoy. His Pyrus Helios (or Viper Helios) facing off against Blade Tigrerra. She was easily defeated and taken to Prince Hydron, by whom she was frozen and became a statue. This event and Spectra's cruelty would haunt Baron for some time.

Later, Prince Hydron contacts Spectra asking him why its thundering, and Spectra assumes there's a disturbance in the perfect core. He later learns about Drago being in New Vestroia by Lync Volan and Volt Luster and reports it to Hydron who orders him and the Vexos to capture Drago and bring him to the Prince. A few days later, Hydron asks Spectra what going on, and Spectra tells the prince he is sending Mylene Farrow to deal with the Resistance. Angered by the repeated losses of the Vexos members he sent out with the exception of Gus who defeated Dan, Spectra was forced to take matters into his own hands. Thus, he proceeded to join in on Dan Kuso's on-going battle with Gus Grav and battle alongside Gus against Dan.

This caused Dan to struggle until Shun Kazami came to his rescue, Shun defeating Gus while Dan conquered Spectra with a new ability. It was after Drago experienced a massive power surge via Helios's taunts about Tigrerra that Spectra started to show a small hint of betrayal, stating that he wouldn't let the magnificent Drago become a play thing, meaning that he wouldn't give it to Prince Hydron if he captured it.

Spectra and the Vexos later appear in the Alpha City tournament as superstars where he is known as the Supreme Spectra. when guards let them know about fans Spectra smiles knowing the resistance is here. He later commands Lync and Volt to get rid of them by cleaning house which they fail to do after they lose to Shun and Ace. After the Alpha City controller is destroyed, Hydron tells Spectra he is not happy that Alpha city has been taken, to which Spectra tells the Prince he will try harder.

He later sees gate cards falling from earth and talks to his father about this fact. He, and Gus also hears Runo and Julie when the girls tried to teleport Runo to New Vestroia, but due to the malfunction of Dr. Michael's teleportation machine, they failed to transport her properly. Later, when Spectra and Gus are seen talking about going to earth, he tells Gus he doesn't need to come but Gus insists otherwise. Lync reports that to Prince Hydron, who reveals his status as a spy. After Runo goes through the portal, as Spectra and Gus approach it, Lync blocks the portal, reminding them that Prince Hydron had not given his consent for them to leave. Spectra told him that he will go anyways, and he and Gus go into the portal to Earth.

The three Vexos trailed after the Brawlers and arrived on Earth through a Dimensional Transporter, taking Runo as his hostage and offering Dan an ultimatum: join the Vexos or risk Runo's safety. The Brawlers split up to pursue their foes, Spectra revealing that he is actually against Prince Hydron's rule and wants to team up with Dan to take him down. In a show of good will, he released Runo. Mira's suspicion of Spectra being her brother Keith only rose because of this action, as she believed that he infiltrated the Vexos to free the Bakugan. However, it is learned that Spectra and Gus only wanted to take down Hydron so that Spectra could succeed the role of ruler of the Vestals. Meanwhile, Dan refused to believe Spectra's intentions, and Alice soon warped in using Masquerade's warp card.

She took Spectra, Gus, and Dan back to the lab, where Dr. Michael sent Spectra and Gus back to New Vestroia. Unfortunately, the transporter needed to be repaired before another trip could be made. This left Lync, Mira, and Baron trapped on Earth. However, Gus and Spectra have already made their way back to the brawlers' location by tracking Dan's gauntlet and are seen riding the Gondola Wheel in the amusement park. When Spectra and Gus came out they got the attention of many humans who thought they were a boy band causing Mira and Julie to chase them.

Once Mira caught up with them Spectra explained that he wants to save the Bakugan and take Hydron down. Mira then battled a stranded Gus on the bet that if she won, Spectra would remove his mask, while Mira would fight with the Vexos against Prince Hydron if she lost. Mira planned on fighting Spectra himself, but Gus intervened, and Spectra allowed it. Mira won, and Spectra removed his mask, revealing himself to be Keith Fermin, much to Gus's disapproval. Spectra left Mira in shock about the fact that her worst enemy was really her brother, Keith Fermin.

While he is away Mylene takes over as the Vexos Leader and captures Shun, Ace and Marucho.

Spectra later showed his true colors as a cruel and uncaring person when he activated a Forbidden Ability Card in order to capture Drago. He is shown to be living in a warehouse on earth with Gus. One day, he walks around thinking of how Dan won't join him. He was told by an old fortune teller before his battle with Dan that his fate would be terrible if he continued on his chosen path, which he shrugged off. The second time he saw her, she said his fate was worse than before, Spectra shattering her crystal ball in response.

He returns to the warehouse when Gus arrives worried about him, and while eating lunch, he tells Gus he needs the power of the Brawlers' Bakugan to take down Hydron and decides to take Drago by force. He sends Dan a message asking him to fight, which the hero accepts. Before the battle, Gus annoys Spectra, asking him if he can battle Dan with him, to which Spectra replies on the personal nature of his fight. He then went on to challenge Dan as planned. Spectra wins the first round to where Dan wins in the second. During round 3 Spectra brings out his trap Metalfencer to combine with Helios thus giving Drago some problems.

Although Drago and Scorpion manage to separate the two Bakugan, the new Forbidden Ability card allows Spectra to successfully obtain Drago. Sometime after, Spectra muses over Drago with Gus, noting annoyance over him now being enough for him, while Gus remains confident of Drago's power. Later, Dan alongside Apollonir, Runo, Mira, Julie and Baron find Gus and Spectra in their warehouse, and Dan challenges Spectra to a rematch. Spectra uses Helios for the first round much to Dan's anger, but Apollonir defeats him by separating Battle Unit Mode. Spectra later used the power of the Forbidden Cards to push Drago to his limits in his second brawl with Dan, the boy seeking to regain Drago from the antagonist.

Spectra then forces him to tap into the Perfect Core's power. This causes deadly strain on Drago's body, and even threatens to destroy New Vestroia. Dan then used Dragon Proudia throwing the Bakugan into Drago's body, thus freeing him from Spectra's grasp. However, Spectra did not seem to be angered at the loss, saying to Gus that he had collected all of the data he needed from Drago, which he later used to create Cyborg Helios.

Sometime after, Spectra and Gus prepare to return to New Vestroia. Spectra then convinced Mira to join the Vexos, have Lync join him to overthrow Hydron, and had Gus trap Dan and the others in an electrical cage so they would not go back to New Vestroia. Unfortunately for Spectra, they escaped and took Dr. Gehabich's Dimension Portal. However, only Dan and Baron could go back, as they were the only ones present with Gauntlets. When Spectra, Gus and Lync, return to New Vestroia, they meet up with Mylene, Volt, and Shadow where the later becomes shocked that Mira is with him, to which Spectra replies that she is a member of the Vexos telling Mylene to except it or else. He and Gus later overhear Lync's conversation with Hydron and smirk at their plans for the future of overthrowing the Prince. Spectra, Gus, Lync and Volt then appeared in the battle arena in Beta City taunting Dan and Baron for falling into their trap.

Mylene and Shadow appear to battle the two Battle brawlers causing Spectra to smirk and leave. Spectra then helped Mira free Shun, Ace, and Marucho in the depths of Beta City, saying only "You are in my debt, Mira," while Baron and Dan were brawling Shadow and Mylene possibly to ensure Mira's loyalty. After this was discovered the incident gave him a level of distrust among his peers, especially Mylene telling him it all his fault that the prisoners were free. Gus defended him by telling her that she lost the brawl and not Spectra leaving Mira to wonder what Spectra was up to. Later on, he and Gus show Clay the data that Spectra had during the time he had Drago. Helios then asks to be made into a cyber Bakugan.

He and Professor Clay upgraded and changed Viper Helios into the Ultimate Cyber Bakugan. Later he had dinner with his sister and explained his master plan by taking over Vestal with Mira by his side. Gus overheard heard the conversation and Spectra that was unwise to tell Mira his plan. But Spectra didn't care. Spectra also battled Mira and came out victorious, forcing her to stay loyal to the Vexos. He then takes Mira to see Prince Hydron, where the monarch tells her to help get him Drago. Spectra then overhears Hydron ordering Lync to spy on him, which doesn't surprise him.

Spectra and Gus take Mira and Lync to a room where Bakugan traps are being kept. Here, he tells them that they will only obey him. He then made her, and Gus use new Mechanical trap Bakugan to battle the Resistance. Gus gets worried thinking Mira might mess up, but Spectra tells him he knows Mira won't let them down. She later went back on her word by throwing her brawl, with Gus against Ace and Dan letting the Resistance take the Mechanical Trap Bakugan making Spectra visibly angry for the first time. He later smirked because he had another set of mechanical trap Bakugan that he was going to use on Helios that Lync gave him.

Spectra then found Dan outside of Gamma City and decided to challenge him in an attempt to eliminate Drago so Cyborg Helios would be the only Ultimate Bakugan. He then proceeded to use the powerful Maxus Helios against Drago by taking some Bakugan meant for Prince Hydron to use on Helios. The brawl escalates and eventually takes to the skies, and then the ruins of Prince Hydron's tower. After Vestal Palace's Dimension Controller was destroyed by the power spawned during the brawl, Spectra and Dan engaged in Gauntlet Combat. Before the palace exploded, Gus and the Bakugan that Mylene threw out, Brontes and Elico, saved him. Gus then regrets to inform him that Mylene is intending to blame the whole thing on him. Spectra informs him that he did not care and was not planning to return to Vestal anyway. He and Gus then fled to a distant part of the dimension to plan for their next move. He and Gus are both labelled as traitors by the Vexos after leaving them for dead.

Second Arc

Spectra's appearance after he removed his mask.

Spectra now had every Bakugan the Vexos had thrown out. He worked with Gus Grav to force the Bakugan to evolve, using the Forbidden "Chaos Ability X" Ability Card to force evolution upon them, the two well aware that the evolution process induced by the Card could also remove the Bakugan's soul (This only happened to Brontes, as Volt Luster would discover in a later battle with Gus as we can see in Brontes' Betrayal). Mega Brontes, Elico, and Premo Vulcan were included in the process, evolving into Alto Brontes, Blast Elico, and Rex Vulcan. Now that Spectra was no longer allied with the King, the Bakugan Battle Brawlers Resistance had two enemies, the Vexos and King Zenoheld himself after the six Attribute Energies while Spectra himself sought and try to obtain the Perfect Core Energy from Drago to make Helios the Ultimate Bakugan.

Spectra and Gus later returned to Vestal to confront the Brawler's much to Volt's surprise and took on Dan, Marucho and Mira in a brawl. Although he defeated Marucho and Mira, Dan eventually went on to defeat him. Spectra later appeared on TV lying to the Vestals jammed the system that allowed the Vexos to transport to Vestal and then went to Klaus Von Hertzon's mansion in search of the Brawlers. Finding only Klaus himself present, the two exchanged remarks, and Spectra returned to his ship where he found out Gus was unsuccessful in having Volt join them after beating the Haos Brawler. After hearing that the Vexos are going after the remaining attribute energies by Gus he decides to use this as an opportunity to get the Perfect Core from Drago. Spectra travels to Earth, beamed Dan up into his ship and challenged him to a brawl for the perfect core energy However, Dan was victorious once more. Afterward, Spectra and Gus promised to accompany the Resistance to the Vexos' palace due to a bet they had. Spectra seems to have a change of heart, referring to Dan as his friend in thanks for enlightening him. He then goes to the command bridge and talks to Gus about an anonymous source that gave him information. He reveals shortly that by using data on Bakugan evolution, he planned to bring out even further power from within the Bakugan.

After the party arrived at the Mother Palace, Spectra stated that the Resistance was on their own in shutting down the BT System telling Dan he is a fool to think they could ever team up. Spectra and Gus then appeared in front of King Zenoheld and the rest of the Vexos. After being accused of several treacheries, he warned King Zenoheld to stay away from the Resistance then took his leave. Something Spectra did not plan for by making this venture, however, was the inevitable defeat of Gus when the "lapdog" challenged King Zenoheld to avenge his master. After approaching his father, Professor Clay, Spectra offered him to join him in exchange for the complete Bakugan DNA. Professor Clay refused and said that he didn't even consider Spectra his son anymore. Afterward, Spectra soon formed a temporary alliance with Dan and Mira to avenge his fallen comrade, as the BT System was getting in his way of creating the Ultimate Bakugan. Hydron defeated Mira when the battle just began. Although the duo had Battle Gear within their arsenal and Prince Hydron's Dryoid had been defeated by the Twin Destructor, Dan and Spectra still lost to King Zenoheld due to Professor Clay's activation of the final level of the trap field they were standing upon.

After the Pyrus Attribute Energy was absorbed and the BT System began to activate, Spectra helped the Resistance launch a full-scale evacuation of New Vestroia using his ship to transport all of the Bakugan to Earth. However, Shun speculated that Spectra was only helping for his own purposes (Spectra desires to create the Ultimate Bakugan, but if all the other Bakugan were destroyed by the BT System, his Ultimate Bakugan won't be so "ultimate"). When time began to run out and the Resistance decided to bail out while they still could, Helios left Spectra and confronted Drago about staying to evacuate the remaining Bakugan. The two then decided to head off and destroy the BT System together. After Drago evolved by absorbing the Attribute Energies, Helios and Spectra once again became Dan and Drago's rivals before leaving New Vestroia. Spectra eventually decides to battle Dan in a final battle to see who was "Number One." He communicates to him telepathically and says that this time he will win, and Dan brings his friends and battles Spectra in a rocky terrain. Drago and Helios battle hard, winning one round each, but Dan emerges the winner. Spectra and Helios then redeem themselves saying he should "be working with the best instead of against the best and joined the Resistance, much to Mira's joy.

Spectra removed his mask and outer coat, happily reuniting with his sister Mira and reverting to the name of his original persona, Keith Fermin. It was also revealed that Keith had begun to miss his partner Gus Grav, and how Keith had obtained his Battle Gear was found out. Keith decided to get Dan and Drago a Battle Gear, but to do so, he needed to engage Dan in battle again in order to test if the Battle Gear in question was right for Drago's body. He put his mask on once more, becoming Spectra yet again. He then challenged Dan and Drago in Bakugan Interspace, finalizing JetKor as Drago's Battle Gear. Later they learned about the Alternative by Alice thanks to her finding data Lync left behind.

When Mylene and Shadow infiltrated Marucho's House to get the Battle Gear and Phantom Data, the Resistance managed to ambush them. But when Mylene held Mira hostage, Keith said that he'd give them the data and told them not to hurt her. He led them to a room, managing to trick them into Bakugan Interspace. Keith then challenged them to a brawl. He and Mira defeated the duo (destroying Macubass and MAC Spider), in two separate brawls. Spectra against Shadow and Mira against Mylene. but when Mylene tried to send them to another dimension via a Death Bomb, Bakugan Interspace collapsed, trapping everyone inside. Keith and Mira managed to escape, but they were unable to save Mylene and Shadow. The next night, the Resistance threw a party to celebrate Keith and Helios joining the team. Keith looked distracted causing Mira to ask him what was wrong causing Keith to say nothing. He then enjoys the cake with the rest of the team. When the team all goes to bed he notices Keith not sleeping and asks him what is wrong. He tells him that Clay Fermin must be stopped. Helios says he will when they hit the palace tomorrow. Spectra then says tomorrow will not come sooner as he puts his mask on and ambushes the palace at night.

Despite the Brawlers' plan to leave in the early morning to defeat King Zenoheld once and for all, Keith left on his own and challenged the King himself in the guise of Spectra, later with the help of Gus, whom Spectra was shocked to see alive. Zenoheld also revealed the Alternative Weapon before the end of the battle. At that time, the Bakugan Resistance arrived, and they promised to destroy the Alternative. As the fight continued, Keith and Mira managed to find a way into the Alternative by blasting a hole into it via Helios MK2 and his new Battle Gear, Zukanator. They found their father, who wished to protect his creation. When the Resistance members managed to destroy the power reactor of the Alternative, they also managed to escape, but Professor Clay was trapped behind and left behind when he saved Mira from being crushed by falling debris. The group reluctantly returned to the Vestal Destroyer as the Alternative blew up with Professor Clay, Prince Hydron, and King Zenoheld either inside or within the explosion's range.

The Vestal Resistance, along with Gus Grav bid farewell to the Human Resistance members as they all returned to their own homes. The Resistance members all promised they would see the Battle Brawlers again someday. In the Japanese Ending of Episode 52 (Final Fury in the English Version) he is shown to live his old life with Mira. She hands him a glass of juice and he receives it happily as she smiles at him.

Bakugan: Mechtanium Surge

Spectra's appearance in Mechtanium Surge

Spectra and Infinity Helios return in Interspace Under Siege, having received Marucho's distress SOS call and arriving in Bakugan Interspace via a Dimension Tunnel. He reveals that he and Helios had to change to Darkus in order for Helios MK2 to evolve into Infinity Helios. He then assists the brawlers in helping to rid Bakugan Interspace of the Chaos Bakugan. He and the other then battle Team Anubias and Team Sellon's Bakugan. But the fight gets interrupted when Dan returns.

In A Hero Returns, Zenthon appears to battle the Chaos Bakugan, but Drago couldn't control him and, because of that, attacks all the Brawlers' Bakugan, including Infinity Helios. Spectra seems disappointed and sad about Dan's attitude saying that he has changed and leaves the interior of the Bakugan Interspace.

In Unlocking the Gate, Spectra and Helios go to Gundalia on the Vestal Destroyer and help the Brawlers defeat the Chaos Bakugan, the Mechtogan, Anubias, Sellon, Mag Mel and Razenoid for good using the BakuNano Bombaplode. He then leaves with Helios to go back to Vestal, telling Dan to contact him anytime.

In Interspace Armageddon, Spectra and Helios helped the Brawlers escape from Bakugan Interspace by attacking the remaining Mechtogan and summoning his own Mechtogan, Slynix, to help in the battle. Helios and Drago fused their powers to stop Mag Mel from coming into Interspace when his Mechtogan created a portal. He also bought Dan and Drago time to leave Interspace as the Mechtogan enemies tried to attack Dan and the weakened Drago, but was trapped inside Bakugan Interspace as a result. Dan and the rest of the Brawlers believed that he didn't make it out alive, and Dan got upset about it.

In Dark Moon, the Vestal Destroyer appeared with a silhouette of Helios on it, meaning that they managed to escape. He helps the brawlers battle Mag Mel with Gus Grav alongside him, and even allows Helios to merge his powers with Taylean and Drago to fight off the Razen Titan and Dreadeon clones. He also gives Shun a Bakugan Battle Suit, Blasterate, for Taylean to use to break Razenoid's shield. Helios also unveils his own Battle Suit: Doomtronic. He and Shun then fight Mag Mel, but end up losing to him. Spectra however believes Dan can stop Mag Mel.

In The Final Takedown, he with Helios, Gus, and Rex Vulcan, attack many Mechtogan and Razen Titan using the BakuNano Bombaplode. He awaits Dan and Drago after they defeat Mag Mel and take flight to Earth, and congratulates him for saving the Earth and the whole universe. After that he and Gus return to Vestal for good.


Bakugan: Defenders of the Core

Spectra is the primary antagonist in the video game Bakugan: Defenders of the Core. The first time the player can play against him in story mode, the player appears to win by knocking out Helios, but the next cut scene shows Spectra winning the overall battle by forming Maxus Helios and taking Drago. The player battles Spectra a total of three times in story mode; the first against Helios, the second to win back Drago, and the third to defeat Maxus Helios and win the game overall.



Bakugan Battle Brawlers: New Vestroia

Bakugan: Mechtanium Surge


  • Spectra is older than his sister Mira by three years.
  • Spectra is the only Brawler who used Battle Gears with all three attributes.
  • He and his partner Gus Grav are the only two brawlers in New Vestroia to use more than one attribute (excluding Maxus pieces).
  • Spectra seems to have been trained in hand-to-hand combat, as shown when he fought Shadow Prove in Mylene's Meltdown. His fighting style might be a reference to the Dragon Ball Z anime series, particularly his wall maneuver.
  • He and Ren Krawler are the only former antagonists to eventually become one of six main members of the Brawlers.
  • Of all the main members of the Battle Brawlers, Spectra is the oldest, being 21 in Mechtanium Surge.
  • Unlike in Bakugan: New Vestroia, where his mask had only one visible eye, when he was a Pyrus Brawler and a major antagonist in that season, Spectra's new mask in Bakugan: Mechtanium Surge has visible eyes on both sides.
  • Spectra has many similarities to his spiritual predecessor Masquerade:
    • Both have alternate identities (Spectra is a pseudonym for Keith while Masquerade is a separate identity within Alice Gehabich).
    • Both became masked antagonists with blond hair when their original identities' hair was orange.
    • Both were the best Brawlers of their homelands.
    • Both have a long rivalry with Dan that lasts close to the end of the season before they decide to switch to Dan's side.
    • Both of them remove their masks after being redeemed.
  • Spectra is very similar to Marduk from the Bakugan Battle Brawlers video game, as they both wear masks with one visible eye showing, have similar outfits, and are voiced by the same actor (Dan Petronijevic) and both have a strong connection to their Bakugan. After Mechtanium Surge, both are also Darkus brawlers.
  • Spectra's design is similar to Phoenix from Beyblade: Metal Fusion. It is interesting to note that Phoenix made his debut before Spectra (in the Japanese version) and therefore may have visually inspired him. Also, the character Jack from Metal Masters resembles his clothing preferences.
  • He resembles Cloud Strife from Final Fantasy VII in many ways like his current age (as of Mechtanium Surge), his spiky blond hair and lifeless blue eyes.
  • In Mechtanium Surge he looks like Nightshroud from Yu-Gi-Oh! GX
  • He derives a lot of his character from Char Aznable of Mobile Suit Gundam. Like Char, he wears a mask on his eyes, has blonde hair (albeit a wig), wears red primarily (in New Vestroia), is the rival to the main protagonist, has a younger sister on the opposite side of the battlefield as him, and has a hidden agenda contrary to the main villains of New Vestroia.
  • Despite joining the Resistance he still brawls with a Vexos Gauntlet.
  • Despite their sibling bond In New Vestroia, he and Mira are not shown together at all in Mechtanium Surge. It is unknown why.
  • Out of all of Dan's rivals he has fought Dan the most being 9 times throughout New Vestroia.
  • Ace is the only member of the Resistance Spectra never brawled against.
  • He had a habit of appearing in the darkest moments to aid Dan and his team in Mechtanium Surge.
  • He and Shun Kazami were the only members of the main Brawlers who beat Dan in battle.


Even though Spectra is one of the ten most skilled brawlers in the show (Dan Kuso, Barodius/Mag Mel, Masquerade/Alice Gehabich, Shun Kazami, Marucho Marukura, Klaus von Hertzon, Gus Grav, Anubias, Sellon) and possesses a very powerful Bakugan, many of his battles have been losses. Note that Zenoheld cheated using the Vexos Trap Field during the brawl for the Pyrus Attribute Energy which prevented Zenoheld from losing, and the others have been against the best brawler: Dan Kuso (although he did beat Dan in their first one on one fight). His loss against Dan and Shun Kazami was due to Gus' rather weak brawling and against Dan the fifth time because it was a 3 on 1 brawl. His record gets better in Mechtanium Surge. Overall he had 8 losses in New Vestroia, and two losses in Mechtanium Surge.

Bakugan Battle Brawlers: New Vestroia

Opponent(s) Episode(s) Outcome
Unknown Vestal Brawlers Offscreen Win
Baron Leltoy 1 Win (Due to opponent's Cowardness)
Unknown Pyrus Brawler (Flashback) 2 Win
Gus Grav (Flashback) 5 Win (due to his overwhelming power)
Dan Kuso and Shun Kazami (Tag with Gus) 6 Lose (due to perfect core ability)
Mira Fermin (Flashback) 7 Win (due to opponent's inexperience)
Dan Kuso 16 Win (due to forbidden card)
Dan Kuso 17-18 Lose (due to Dragon Proudia)
Mira Fermin 21 Win
Dan Kuso 24-26 No Outcome (palace exploded) (retreated)
Dan Kuso, Marucho Marukura and Mira Fermin 31 Lose (due to perfect core ablity)
Dan Kuso 38 Lose (due to Drago's Sprit)
Zenoheld and Hydron (Tag with Dan and Mira) 41 Lose (due to Trap Field)
Dan Kuso 44 Lose (due to the other Bakugan helping Drago)
Dan Kuso 45 Lose
Dan Kuso 46 Lose
Shadow Prove 48 Win (due to using a Farbas Ability)
Mylene Farrow 48 No outcome (backs out)
Zenoheld (Tag with Gus) 50 No outcome (Zenoheld merges with the Alternative)
Zenoheld (Tag with The Resistance, Gus, and Hydron) 51-52 Win

Bakugan: Mechtanium Surge

Opponent(s) Episode(s) Outcome
Chaos Bakugan Army 15 Win
Anubias and Sellon (Tag with Shun, Marucho, Rafe, and Page) 15 No Outcome (interrupted by Dan)
Zenthon (Tag with Shun, Marucho, Rafe, and Paige) 16 Lose
Mag Mel, Anubias and Sellon (Tag with the Battle Brawlers) 19 Win
Chaos Army and Chaos Mechtogan (Tag with Dan) 24 Win
Chaos Army, Dreadeon Clones, and Razen Titans (Tag with The Brawlers, Team Anubias, and Team Sellon) 25 Win
Mag Mel (Tag with Shun) 25 Lose
Chaos Army, Dreadeon Clones, and Razen Titans (Tag with Battle Brawlers (except Dan), Team Anubias, Team Sellon, and Gus) 26 Win