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Spartillion is a chariot/taur-like Bakugan in Bakugan: Geogan Rising. A messenger of the Supreme Council and former Guardian Bakugan of Gregorius Reed.



Spartillion is an Aurelus Bakugan that operates as the official messenger of the Bakugan Supreme Council in Vestroia. His two spinning discs and aggressive demeanor make this golden Bakugan a fierce opponent.



Bakugan: Geogan Rising

Spartillion first appears in the episode Drago in the Crosshairs where he is shown in a live video and is battling a Haos Goril and Pyrus Krakelios and says show yourself Dragonoid of Pyrule. He then uses Spinning Razor Attack on Goril and Krakelios taking both of them out. He then faces the camera that is recording and says he knows that Drago is watching and says for Drago to come and face him. He then opens and Gate and goes through it disappearing. He then is shown in other videos where he keeps telling Drago to battle him and is shown taking out a Ventus Pandoxx and another Haos Goril. He then appears before the Awesome Brawlers to battle Drago. He uses Spinning Razor Attack which hits Drago. He then jokingly questions that Drago is the Dragonoid of Pyrule. He then throws one of his discs at Drago but Drago dodges. Then he attempts to hit Drago but Drago uses his tail which Spartillion dodges. He then throws one of his discs again but Drago uses Flare Veil to protect against the incoming disc. Then Drago asks what Spartillion wants with him and he says he is on Earth from orders from the Supreme Bakugan Council. Drago then uses Backdraft which hits Spartillion. Then Drago uses Twisting Inferno and it seems to hit Spartillion but in the smoke Spartillion shoots both of his discs at Drago but Drago easily dodges them with Dan telling Spartillion he needs to work on his aim. But then the discs hit the devices that are holding the Drome up and because of this the Drome goes down. He then says that he knows that without the Drome Drago can't battle at his full strength. He then uses Duo Laser Slicer which hits Drago and takes Drago out. After Drago disappears he then opens a Gate and says mission accomplished while going through the Gate and disappears. He then reappears in the episode The Supreme Council where he appears before Wynton, Lia, Lightning, Shun, and Ajit. He tells them he will not hand over Drago. He tells them to leave but instead they roll out their Bakugan and Spartillion now has to battle Falcron, Fenneca, Ferascal, Sharktar, and Pincitaur. Falcron says it five to one but Spartillion says that makes no difference and that now it is four to one which confuses Falcron. He sends one of his discs at Falcron which takes out Falcron and it also hits Pincitaur taking him out too and says three to one. He then says two to one and hits Sharktar taking Sharktar out. He then says since it is a two on one fight he can end it in one shot. He then attempts to use Spinning Razor Attack on Fenneca and Ferascal but before the attack hits Drago uses Twisting Inferno to stop the attack. He then asks Drago if his body has healed. Drago replies that his body has healed. Spartillion then says the Supreme Bakugan Council has been waiting for Drago to recover.

Physical Game

Ability Cards

  • Spinning Razor Attack
  • Dual Laser Striker