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Sophie Judson-Warfield is a Bakugan activist who wants to end the Bakugan battles in Bakugan: Armored Alliance. She's a Aquos Brawler, and her Guardian Bakugan is Centipod.


Sophie is woman in her mid 20's with black hair with blue bangs. She wears a blue shirt, black dress jeans, black high heels, and a silver necklace.



Coming from a wealthy family makes Sophie "Saviour to the Bakugan" believe she is more important that most people. Her ‘save the Bakugan’ mantra is just a cover to cold hearted personality, gaining status in elite circles and making money through strategic investment in the Bakugan community.

This way she can make a mark on her legacy and become even more rich.


Sophie believes that Bakugan should live in peace, but never allowed to fight as she believes that Bakugan are being forced to battle and suffer greaty. She will do anything to stop all Bakugan battles, even if it means that she has to battle herself. Sophie refuses to believe that she is wrong, even though most people know that she is wrong.

After being brainwashed by Haavik, Sophie became sinister in her plans to stop Bakugan battles, going to great lengths as to sabotaging other companies that involve Bakugan.


Bakugan: Armored Alliance

During inside the maze, she battles Wynton and Lightning but they got too old they could barley walk, all they did was sit down while the golden Bakugan defends herself from being captured from her, Sophie was turned old too and had back pains during the battle. But she ended up losing when Trox fused with the golden bakugan. During the eating competion between Dan, Lightning and Wynton, she was seen challenging Dan and Wynton in a Bakugan battle, once again staing that Bakugan battling is bad for Bakugan. But in the end she loses. During the final episodes of Armored Alliance, she Bakugan battles Wynton and Lightning once again in Haavik's tower but loses. In the end of Armored Alliance, she is no more under Haavik's control.