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Snapzoid (スナップゾイド?) is a snake/slug-like Bakugan. In Bakugan form, it resembles a snake with a dragon's head. It slightly resembles Serpenoid and Rattleoid. Inside its mouth, it has a second head.



A vicious Bakugan with a venomous bite. A secondary mouth will emerge from inside the actual mouth and attack the enemy in battle. The whips on the body attack the opponent and deliver electric shocks.


Bakugan: New Vestroia[]

It appeared as a digital clone in the final episode of Bakugan: New Vestroia. Professor Clay had tried to use it to trap the Brawlers and stop them from destroying the Alternative Weapon System. it was defeated by Master Ingram.

Bakugan: Gundalian Invaders[]

One appeared in Confrontation, being used by an unnamed Subterra Brawler to defeat Mason Brown and his Pyrus Clawsaurus.

Physical Game[]

Snapzoid was released together with Lumagrowl, Avior, Dharak, Coredem, Phosphos, Strikeflier, and Helix Dragonoid. When opened, it has a button on the back of its head that, when pressed, will extend the second head from the bottom of its normal head. It is officially included the BakuDouble Strike series because of this feature.

There are currently no Haos versions officially recorded. The Subterra version comes in only one variation, with 720 Gs in BakuBoost. The Aquos version comes in five variations, with 660 Gs and 700 Gs in BakuTriad, 780 Gs in BakuBoost, with 620 Gs in BakuDouble Strike and one with 820 Gs. The Pyrus version comes in one variation, with 730 Gs in BakuBoost and BakuTriad. The Ventus version comes in one variation, with 680 Gs in BakuBoost. The Darkus version has 770 Gs.


  • The second head of Snapzoid seems to mirror the second jaws of the titular creatures from the Alien franchise.
  • Snapzoid's design was very likely inspired by the water god kaiju Kaishin Muba from the 1994 film Yamato Takeru; Rubanoid's Destrakon Gear also takes design cues from the film, strongly resembling Yamata no Orochi.