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Smashtor [ウインシス (Winsys)] is the claw-like Deluxe Battle Gear in Dharak Colossus.



Smashtor is one of the claws of Dharak Colossus. This Bakugan Battle Gear smashes opponents with tremendous strength. Smashtor can also shield Bakugan from incoming attacks.


Bakugan: Gundalian Invaders[]

In episodes 14 and 24, it was shown merged with Dharak, Exokor, and Riptor.

In episode 25, it detached from Dharak, Exokor and Riptor to fight Linehalt, but reattached to them later.

In episode 31, Smastor along with Exokor and Riptor were all defeated by Blitz Dragonoid.


Smashtor lights up when it opens like Riptor. It is Copper attributed and has 80 Gs. However, when it is uploaded onto Bakugan Dimensions, it is Silver attributed.

Element: G-Power(s):
Goldyp Gold: N/A
Silvera Silver: N/A
Coppery Copper: 80 Gs
Reference Cards
  • Darkus Effect: Flip a coin. On heads, for the rest of this battle your enemy may not gain G-Power from Ability Cards nor switch Attributes.
  • Subterra Effect: You may move one standing Bakugan, not at this battle, its owner's used pile.