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Smasheon (スマシオン?) is a Chaos Mechtogan in Bakugan: Mechtanium Surge. It belongs to Mag Mel, which he shares with Anubias. It was Horridian's Mechtogan.



A characteristic wide-legged stance enables Smasheon to withstand the total assault of opponents. Two large weapons on his shoulders are used for blasting enemies. Two spinning blades pop out of his chest to cut down enemies. Smasheon is known for his massive size.


Bakugan: Mechtanium Surge[]

Smasheon first appeared in A Royale Pain, summoned by Anubias and Horridian, easily defeating three Darkus, Subterra, and Ventus Cyclone Percival.

He was summoned by Anubias again in Battle Lines alongside Venexus and Miserak but was defeated by Zenthon and Zenthon Titan.

In Unlocking the Gate, he was summoned by Mag Mel alongside Venexus, Deezall, Miserak, Rockfist, and Braxion but lost to Infinity Helios with Bombaplode.

In Unfinished Business, he was summoned by Anubias alongside Venexus and Deezall, but was later easily defeated by Zenthon Titan.

In Interspace Armageddon, he appeared again, but was defeated easily by Slynix.


Smasheon is #12 in the series. An Aquos Smasheon has 160 Gs, a Haos Smasheon has 150 Gs, and a Ventus Smasheon has 170 Gs.


  • Its special feature is when it is opened, it reveals a spinning saw blade.
  • Smasheon has a resemblance to Fortress and Laserman.
  • Oddly, Smasheon's Activator Card and Ability Card show him in Subterra, and not Darkus.