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Silent Naga (サイレントナーガ, Sairento Nāga?) is the evolution of Naga and the final opponent fought by Dan Kuso and the Battle Brawlers in Bakugan Battle Brawlers.



Silent Naga was a powerful Bakugan who could use Silent Core abilities. He became much larger and had purple veins around his body. When Naga fully absorbed the Silent Core, he became the second strongest Bakugan at that time (the strongest was Infinity Dragonoid). His wings were no longer attached to his hands. They resembled a cape and he had a sphere on his chest, in which the Silent Core is located. He has two large horns on his head and red eyes.


In Masquerade Unmasked, after fully absorbing the Silent Core, Naga evolved into Silent Naga and made a portal to keep the Battle Brawlers (minus Alice Gehabich) on Vestroia within.

In Ground Control to Major Dan, he attacked Earth to find Wavern with his troops. After seeing his Dual-hybrid Gatekeepers were defeated one by one, he decided to face Wavern himself, in The Good, The Bad and the Bakugan.

In The Final Brawl, Naga fought with Wavern until Drago destroyed her, on her request and sent her back to Vestroia as Naga said. Ultimate Dragonoid then took the Infinity Core and became Infinity Dragonoid.

In GAME OVER, he lost because of Drago's Dextra Attack and was destroyed (or sent to the Doom Dimension as said). It could be said that Naga's body was destroyed and his spirit was imprisoned within the Doom Dimension. Later, Drago took the Silent Core and reconnected it with the Infinity Core to become the Perfect Core of New Vestroia itself.

Ability Cards
  • Sykuria Shield (Japanese version: Cyclus Shield): Nullifies the opponent's ability, unless the ability is very powerful like Aerodragon. (Silent Core)
  • Darkus Riot (Silent Core)
  • Bottom Zero: Subtracts 300 Gs from the opponent. (Silent Core)
  • Silent Down: Absorbs the opponent's ability. (Silent Core)
  • Bakugan Drain: Absorbs the G-Power from defeated Bakugan to Silent Naga. (Silent Core)


  • He is one of four Bakugan known to have a base G-Power of 1000; Infinity Dragonoid, Lumino Dragonoid, and Reptak are the others.
  • Oddly, Naga's ball form was never seen in the anime but was released in the game, while Silent Naga's was and he was not released.
  • Silent Naga is the only White One that has a G-Power of 1000