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You might be the emperor's favorite now, but that can quickly change, you know.
—Sid after Ren leaves the meeting in True Colours

Sid Arkale (シド・アーカイル, Shido Akairu?) was a Pyrus brawler from Gundalia in Bakugan: Gundalian Invaders. He was partnered with Pyrus Rubanoid until he gave him to Ren Krawler and was part of the Gundalian Agents.


Sid was a hot blooded battler, always going into battle, and is arrogant as well. Despite this, he does had some sense of honor, as Sid allowed Dan to keep Drago due to the fact that this is two against one (Ren purposely lose the match). He was in good terms with the female brawlers from Ren's team, Lena and Zenet but at the same time didn't have a good relationship with Ren until his final battle and demise where he admits Ren isn't as weak as he thought. He is proven to be very foolish, as he takes Neo Ziperator from Ren and used him in a battle against Dan, which costed the Gundalians the Element and the battle. He is also jealous of others, as seen when he takes Neo from Ren in order to get the Glory from Ren by giving him to Barodius.



Bakugan: Gundalian Invaders

He first appeared in Revelation with Lena Isis where they asked to kids to battle them in order to recruit them into into their army. When they refused the Brawlers confronted them and they ended up battling against Dan Kuso and Marucho Marukura. Although they managed to defeat Marucho they lose to Dan after shattering his ability.

Sid in his human form

In Confrontation, after winning against an Aquos Brawler and failing to recruit new people for the Gundalians, he fought alongside Zenet Surrow against Dan and Ren to take Drago and beat them but he decided not to take Drago in the end since the battle ended up as a two on one causing Dan to lose. Gill later told him to leave the Bakugan Battle Brawlers to Ren much to Sid's jealousy.

In True Colors he teases Ren asking Him if he is really friends with the brawler's. Ren tells him that he is the leader of the Gundalian Agents

He battles Marucho and Jake along with Casey after beating him and his partner Taylor alongside Mason in Hostile Takeover and loses. He told Marucho and Jake his secret, which was to stall time so that Ren could kick the brawlers out of Bakugan Interspace and not allow anyone from the outside of Bakugan Interspace to come in except the Gundalians and their brainwashed human army.

In Twin Attack, he and Jesse Glenn ask Ren why he would let the Pam twins fight the Brawlers, to which Ren responds by telling him it's important for them to gather strong Brawlers for Barodius. After the twins lose Sid laughs at Ren saying he has to fight the Brawlers after all.

In The Secret Package, Sid taunts Ren after Shun broke though his security shield, saying "epic fail".

In The Element, he stole Neo Ziperator from Ren, Ren tried to force him to return Neo Ziperator, but decided to battle Dan, he ended up losing Neo and the battle. After retreating, he and Rubanoid are disposed of by Emperor Barodius back on Gundalia. After Rubanoid is transported to Kazarina's lab for use as an experiment, Ren begs for Barodius to give him another chance, to which Sid responds, "Begging for your life, Ren. How weak and pathetic you are." and then Barodius drops Sid through a trap door.

Sid's death

In Sid Returns, Sid, Lena, Jesse and Zenet were shown to not be dead but trapped in Kazarina's Lab, he and Rubanoid were the only ones to escape. He then battles alongside Ren and Linehalt against Dan and Drago. After losing, he is shot at by Dharak and would have fallen to his death if not saved by Ren. He then hands Rubanoid to Ren and releases his grip, falling to his death.

In Forgiveness, he was shown in a flashback.



Bakugan: Gundalian Invaders


  • His appearance is similar to the character Wolverine from the X-Men series.
  • His face and hair look very similar to those of Gunz Lazar's.
  • Sid's final battle is the only on-screen instance where he battled in his Gundalian form.
  • He is the only member of Ren's team who is dead.


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Sid seemed to be a decent brawler, seeing as he has a relatively even mix of wins and losses.


Bakugan: Gundalian Invaders

Bakugan Gundalian Invaders
Opponent Episode Outcome
The Castle Knights (Tag with the Twelve Orders and Gundalian Agents) Offscreen Win
Dan Kuso and Marucho Marukura (Tag with Lena) 2 Lose
Unknown Aquos Brawler 5 Win
Dan Kuso and Ren Krawler (Tag with Zenet) 5 Win (Ren lost on purpose)
Taylor and Casey (Tag with Mason) 8 Win
Jake Vallory and Marucho Marukura (Tag with Casey) 8 Lose
Dan Kuso 12 Lose
Gill 12 Lose (due to Kraxix's surprise attack)
Dan Kuso (Tag with Ren) 23 Lose