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For the character in the Battle Brawlers series, see Shun Kazami.

Shun Kazami (シュン・カザミ, Shun Kazami?) is a new member recruited by the Awesome Brawlers in Bakugan Battle Planet. He is first mentioned in an announcement by Vanderwerff Talent. His Guardian Bakugan is Aquos Hydorous.[1] In Geogan Rising after Hydorous' absence, his new Guardian Bakugan is Aquos Sharktar.

Shun has pale apricot skin, blonde hair with a blue lightning-like streak and a blue underside, and green eyes. He generally wears a light blue long-sleeved button-up shirt with a teal blue tie and darker blue trim on the bottom, dark blue jeans, and brown dress shoes.


Shun is Japanese with a medium build; his blue-blonde hair is just over his collar – a sign of rebellion for him, Shun carries himself like an adult; his serious demeanor is reflected in his choice of clothing, a clean-lined blue suit. He has one for every day of the week, just like Einstein.

Do you recall that the Awesome Ones have one fan? Well, this is him, his name is Shun Kazami and he has traveled halfway around the globe in order to join Dan Kouzo's team for Bakugan battles. Mature for his age, precocious and mysterious, Shun appears in Dan's town after witnessing Dragonoid's discovery. In fact, Shun is responsible for sharing the video with friends and letting it out into the world! Shun has been a secret student of his own Bakugan ever since their awakening, but could not find anyone who appreciated this strange new species the way he does, until now.

Shun has a deep love for Bakugan and a secret thirst for a group of friends. But Shun has led a very cloistered life. Only through watching Dan, Wynton Styles and Lia Venegas online has he found the courage to leave his home and travel to America, where he believes his true destiny awaits. But how could a ten-year-old come from Japan by himself? Could it be that his grandfather is the founder of Kazami International Holdings, makers of the tech that power almost every computer on the planet? That's exactly how.

But Shun doesn't care to brag, nor does he want to rely on his family's fortune for success, Shun has a strong drive to prove himself in his own way as a Bakugan Battler and maybe if he can relax just a little bit and let down his guard, he'll make lifelong friends in the process, Shun is about winning above all else. However, he is not ruthless or mean, just overly-focused on results. In time, his friendships with the rest of the team will make him a more well-rounded person and a better battler/player.


Much like Shun's Battle Brawlers counterpart, he is very reserved but also very calm, he is also very thoughtful, thinking very well about things that may be something great but potentially not. An example is when he starts to think if giving the Core Cell's energy worldwide is really a good idea.

Unlike Shun's teamates, he rarely, if ever, boasts how strong he is even in battle.

Despite Shun's calmness, it breaks very easily if it has anything to do with his family in Japan due to him adamantly refusing to leave to Japan to his family and was forbidden. However, he eventually made up with his father but still wanted to join the Awesome Ones in the end.


Bakugan: Battle Planet

Shun appears at the end of the first episode, watching the video between Dan and Magnus Black.

Shun discovers the Awesome Ones through their videos on ViewTube while living in Japan. He later flies to North America to attempt to join the AO, and after a series of tests against Magnus Black, he ends up succeeding and becoming a full member of the group.

Shun's first mission with the Awesome Ones is helping to track down Bear, a Bakugan of Bobby's that Strata the Hunter had brainwashed. During the final confrontation, he uses Hydorous to try and restrain Bear, but Strata overloads Bear, allowing him to easily defeat Hydorous. He is also among the training party when Lightning discovers Artulean, and ends up returning after Lightning breaks Artulean out of Magnus' brainwashing.

Bakugan: Armored Alliance

In The Boy from Brazil, Shun discovered another Aquos Bakugan named Ramparian.

Bakugan: Geogan Rising


Bakugan: Battle Planet

Bakugan: Armored Alliance

Bakugan: Geogan Rising

Bakugan: Evolutions


Opponent(s) Episode(s) Outcome
AAY (Tag with Magnus Black) 9 No Outcome
Magnus Black (Tag with Dan Kouzo, Wynton Styles & Lia Venegas) 9 Lose
Strata the Hunter (Tag with Dan Kouzo, Wynton Styles & Lia Venegas) 10 Win
The Exit Team (Tag with The Awesome Ones) 12 Win
The Exit Team (Tag with The Awesome Ones) 13 Win
Toshi 21 Win
Dan Kouzo 22 Win
Shargo Ronin (Tag with Dan Kouzo) 22 Win
Col. Armstrong Tripp (Tag with The Awesome Ones) 23 Win
Kurin (Tag with Dan Kouzo, Wynton Styles & Lia Venegas) 25 Win
Kurin (Tag with The Awesome Ones) 26 Win
Strata the Hunter (Tag with The Awesome Ones) 27 Win
Bakuzon Trunkanious (Tag with Dan Kouzo, Wynton Styles & Lia Venegas) 28 Win
Bakuzon Trunkanious (Tag with Dan Kouzo, Wynton Styles & Lia Venegas) 29 No Outcome
Mirror Dan, Mirror Wynton, Mirror Lia & Mirror Shun (Tag with Dan Kouzo, Wynton Styles & Lia Venegas) 30 Win
Tiko, Cyndeous, Trox, Pegatrix, Hydorous & Fade Ninja (Tag with Dan Kouzo, Wynton Styles & Lia Venegas) 31 Win
Bakuzon Trunkanious, Bakuzon Hydorous & Bakuzon Lupitheon (Tag with Dan Kouzo, Wynton Styles & Lia Venegas) 32 No Outcome
Strata the Hunter (Tag with The Awesome Ones) 33 Win
Cubbo (Tag with Wynton Styles) 34 No Outcome
Masato Kazami 35 Lose
Masato Kazami 36 Win
The Exit Team (Tag with The Awesome Ones) 43 Draw
Masato Kazami, Toshi, Koda & Keiko (Tag with The Awesome Ones) 47 Win
Col. Armstrong Tripp & 2 Unknown Brawlers (Tag with The Awesome Ones) 48 Win
Col. Armstrong Tripp (Tag with The Awesome Ones) 50 Lose
Col. Armstrong Tripp (Tag with The Awesome Ones) 51-52 Win
Philomena Dusk (Tag with The Awesome Ones) 52 Win
Dan Kouzo 53 No Outcome
Brakken (Tag with Dan Kouzo & Wynton Styles) 58 Lose (due to traps)
Masato Kazami 61 No Outcome
Masato Kazami 63-64 Lose
Strata the Hunter (Tag with Dan Kouzo & Wynton Styles) 67 Win


  • In the first promotional picture, Shun looked as though he was holding a Darkus Bakugan; misleading many that he would be a Darkus brawler.
  • Unlike Shun's Battle Brawlers counterpart; he is an Aquos brawler, instead of a Ventus brawler.
  • It's shown/hinted in several episodes that he's camera shy, but slowly got over it.
  • Shun's favorite mascot is Tumpee.