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Shoxrox (Japanese version: Coinblaster (コインブラスター, Koinburasutaa?) is a BakuNano used by the Chaos Army.



Shoxrox starts off as a circular-shaped BakuNano that pops open to reveal a cannon.


Bakugan: Mechtanium Surge

Shoxrox debuted in BakuNano Explosion, when the Bash Brothers used them to win battles. Using the Shoxroxes, they defeated Marucho and Trister but lost against Shun and Taylean.

Even though only shown for a brief moment in A Royale Pain, a Flash Ingram was seen holding a Shoxrox before being taken down by Taylean.

In Triple Threat, Sellon used multiple Shoxroxes for all her Flash Ingrams. However, the Flash Ingrams and their BakuNano were no match for Zenthon.


A Gold Shoxrox has 50 Gs and Copper has 60 Gs.


  • Shoxrox seems to resemble a small satellite gun/ray pistol.
  • Shoxrox is the second BakuNano seen in the anime, the first being Aeroblaze.
  • In Triple Threat, Sellon called it "Coinblaster", its Japanese name.
  • It has a DNA Code area in the anime.
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