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Showdown in Wardington is the 49th episode of Bakugan Battle Brawlers. It aired on October 19, 2008 in English.


With the Brawlers dispersed all over Wardington to locate and destroy Naga's servants, Shun Kazami finds himself in an amusement park where he's attacked by Hairadee, a Bakugan hybrid. Shun and Skyress meet up with Komba and begin to battle. At first Storm Skyress and Harpus do well, against the evil Bakugan with the help of Komba O'Charlie. Later on, Hairadee creates a crystal ice cage to trap Skyress. Hairadee then pounds Skyress down with icicles. Skyress and Harpus are both tortured by Hairadee, who is much stronger than before and overpowers Shun and Skyress, leaving her trapped and Shun fighting Hairadee himself. Later Skyress is released and with the help of Komba and the unexpected arrival of Julio Santana, everyone defeats Hairadee.

Major events

  • Shun and Komba battle Hairadee and are later joined by Julio.
  • Alice is happy to see her grandfather, Michael Gehabich, again yet he is still under the influence of Hal-G.
  • Shun, Komba, and Julio defeat and destroy Hairadee.

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