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Shoot to Extremes (シュートをきわめろ, Shuuto wo Kiwamero?) is the 3rd episode of BakuTech! Bakugan. It aired on April 21st, 2012 in Japan.


Tatsuma is bestowed by Master Shimo the elusive Gif Jinryu and right afterwards, Tatsuma asks for a test brawl in the different BakuTech play styles. Harubaru and Raichi agreed to help him out.

Although nervous and unconfident with his skills, Tatsuma performed above expectations at the three-round test brawl much to the surprise of everyone.

At the end, Master Shimo reprimands Harubaru and Raichi to continue training otherwise Tatsuma will outclass both of them. Harubaru and Raichi then congratulate Tatsuma for a job well done.

Featured Brawls

There were no brawls featured in this episode. Instead, it's a three-round crash course called "BakuThlon" that showcases the different BakuTech Play Styles.

  • Round One: Shooting Challenge
Each player must stand their Bakugan in one of the three Gate Cards in the field.
  • Round Two: Critical Course
Four Gate Cards are set on the field with Mika Laurel standing guard in the first Gate Card. Each player must launch their Bakugan sideways to have it bounce off the corner and for it stand on the blank Gate Cards without knocking out Mika Laurel or the other Bakugan that stood prior to the current player's Bakugan.
Harubaru gets a Level 1 Clear, Raichi gets a Level 2 Clear and Tatsuma gets a Level 3 Clear.
  • Round Three: Critical K.O. Challenge
Harubaru stands Flare Dragaon on one of the three Gate Cards set on the field and Raichi stands Destroy Munikis on another one. Tatsuma must launch Gif Jinryu to inflict critical K.O. on Flare Dragaon or Destroy Munikis. Nervously, Tatsuma went for it to which Gif Jinryu bounced off the corners of the table before inflicting a strong Critical K.O. that knocked Flare Dragaon onto Destroy Munikis' Gate Card.

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Bakugan BakuTech! Episode 3

Bakugan BakuTech! Episode 3

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