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Shocked! is the fifteenth battle in Bakugan: Rise of the Resistance. For this battle, you can choose between Dan Kuso, Marucho Marukura, Mira Fermin, or Shun Kazami.

After finding out an Aquos DNA Fragment is needed to enter the Hurranian Secret Base, the party returns to Omicron and asks one of the scientists if they know of a Fragment. He tells you that there is one at the storage facility to the north. After arriving at the Power area of the base, a guard stands in your way again. You will have to defeat him to move on.



  1. Pyrus Clawsaurus x10
  2. Pyrus Clawsaurus x15
  3. Haos Clawsaurus x10
  4. Pyrus Clawsaurus x10, Haos Farakspin x10
  5. Aquos Ramdol x20
  6. Pyrus Dryoid x1, Haos Clawsaurus x20
  7. Darkus Farakspin x20
  8. Darkus Farakspin x15, Pyrus Clawsaurus x24
  9. Haos Verias x2
  10. Haos Ramdol x20
  11. Ventus Verias x16
  12. Haos Verias x5
  13. Pyrus Razenoid x1, Haos Verias x10
  14. Haos Clawsaurus x30, Aquos Premo Vulcan x1
  15. Ventus Verias x15
  16. Ventus Verias x10, Ventus Hawktor x3
  17. Haos Krowll x12
  18. Aquos Premo Vulcan x5