Shock Baton used by Wiseman as Gunz

Shock Baton is an unofficial name for a common non-lethal Vestal stun weapon, comparable to tazers or batons. Its name is derived from tazers and batons.


Shock Batons are a weapon developed by the Vestals. They used mainly by Vestal police, however some individuals keep them, for self-defense. Shock Batons work by emitting two parallel rings, of apparently electric energy around a small metal cylinder shaped device. It can also discover if a Bakugan has an attribute energy (a shock baton was used by Shadow to discover if Minx Elfin had the Aquos Attribute Energy in episode 35). The two rings can stun victims or short out or damage electronics, that the rings make contact with, in particular The Bee. Shock Batons are one of the few true weapons in Bakugan, another being the Gauntlet Sword, which is also Vestal, in origin. It was also used by Wiseman in Gunz Blazing, but it is unknown on how he got the baton.

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