Shadow Sanjushi (シャドウ三獣士, Shadou Sanjushi?) is a group of ninjas that Team Dragaon fought. Although they appeared later than the BakuThiefs in the manga, they are the first villains to appear in the anime series.

The Shadow Sanjushi's trademark pose


The Shadow Sanjushi made their debut in the fifth volume of the Manga serialization and in the fifth episode of the BakuTech Bakugan anime series.

In their self-titled debut episode, Tohga was able to defeat all the members of Team Dragaon by himself. He takes the sign of the Bakugan Dojo and leaves with his teammates.

Master Jyou

Main Article: Master Jyou

Master Jyou is Master Shimo's rival and the master of the Shadow Sanjushi.



Main Article: Karashina

Karashina is the androgynous purple-haired ninja that uses the Darkus Attribute. His Guardian Bakugan is Borg Mahisas.


Main Article: Jinza

Jinza is the blue-haired ninja that uses the Haos Attribute. His Guardian Bakugan is Well Galow.


Main Article: Tohga

Tohga is the tall and imposing spiky blond-haired ninja that uses the Subterra Attribute. His Guardian Bakugan is Acro Gezard.


  • "Shadow Sanjushi" could be translated as the "Three Shadow Beasts."
  • A BakuTech deck was dedicated to the Shadow Sanjushi called "ShutsujinDeck Shadow Sanjushi."
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