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Alright, Hades! Let's show this three-headed dinosaur and his laughing friend who's boss!
Shadow Prove to Hades, Shadow Attack

Shadow Prove (シャドウ・プローヴ, Shadou Purovu?) was the top Darkus brawler in New Vestroia and part of the Vexos. He is usually paired with Mylene. He often stumbles on his words when speaking and often twitches or completely spazzes out.


Shadow is shown to be a rather a bad pilot by crashing and almost destroying a ship. He also likes to pester Mylene a lot and he does not seem to take things seriously. He has a tendency to laugh a lot like Lync does.

However despite his violent and volatile personality and tendencies, Shadow Prove does indeed have morals or at least a limit to his own amorality, as seen where he disagreed for King Zenoheld's continuously violent and destructive plans with using the Alternative Weapon System plan when saying "cuckoo cuckoo". However like a majority of his teammates, Shadow did nothing to discourage or stop his actions, likely due to realizing that he would be executed by Zenoheld should he go against his plans.

It is highly implied that he has a crush on Mylene Farrow as shown when he calls her his best friend during their time in episode 49.



Bakugan Battle Brawlers: New Vestroia

Arc 1

Shadow made his debut in Invasion of the Vestals with the other members of the Vexos, watching as all the Bakugan are captured. Later in Facing Ace, he is seen in the far back with the Vexos, telling Prince Hydron about the powerful Drago with the prince ordering the Vexos to capture Drago by any means necessary.

His debut battle was in Get Psyched when he joins Mylene Farrow to battle the Resistance. After crashing their ship down. He goes up against Baron due to him being the weakest of the Resistance. After winning the first and second rounds, Shadow prepares to take the match only for Barron to use his ability to swap the power levels of his Bakugan with his foes, with this strategy causing the hero to win the duel and Shadow loses three of his Bakugan all at once, which Mylene uses against him later. After that, Mylene forces him to return to the ship.

In Taste of Defeat, he is shown arguing with Gus Grav after he insulted him and argues with Lync Volan which is called off by Mylene. After Gus beats Dan he says whatever showing little care in his victory.

In, What's the Plan?, Shadow is later seen with the Vexos in Alpha City, where he is known as Shadow Vulcan. When the presentation is over, Shadow brags to the others how he was the most popular of the group and pesters Mylene to take him to Beta city.

In Surprise Visitor and Gate Crashers, he and Mylene later hear Runo Misaki's voice when she tries to go new NV to help the Resistance. Hydron contacts him and tells him to make sure the Brawlers don't get near the portal. He stops them, which results in him battling Marucho Marukura and Elfin with his Bakugan Sylvee. He then tries to use Sylvee to attack Dan and Runo which Marucho finds low After an even fight with Shadow having the edge, he loses due to Elfin becoming Darkus. Mylene then picks him up telling Shadow to stop embarrassing himself. Shadow Prove then demands Professor Clay finish his mechanical Bakugan, to which the professor tells him it will take time.

His next appearance is in Voices in the Night where Mylene has him imitating Dan and Mira's voices through some special microphone, so Marucho, Ace and Shun would be separated. Ace and Marucho fall for it, while Shun doesn't due to instincts.

In Last One Standing, after Ace and Marucho are defeated by Mylene and Volt Luster, He battles Shun in a deserted town and defeats him using Alpha Hydranoid who was revealed to be a mechanical duplicate called Hades made by Professor Clay at Shadow's earlier request. He also gains a new Bakugan Trap called Fortress who helps Shadow in his victory. He then kidnaps Shun and takes him to Beta City Underground where he laughs a lot with Mylene telling him to stop laughing.

In Dude, Where's My Bakugan?, after Mylene gets done talking to Hydron, he is shown annoying Mylene telling her that he should let Hydron know he isn't so tough.

In Beta City Blues, when Spectra, Gus, and Lync return from Earth, Shadow taunts them, saying he thought they would be stuck there for good. When he sees Mira, he gets surprised taunts her saying that her friends are captured. He and Mylene battle Baron and Dan and lost, getting their Dimension Controller destroyed. Lync later makes fun of Shadow asking him if he wants to see the play back of his loss to which Shadow tells Lync to be quiet.

In Underground Take Down and Wall To Wall Brawl, once the resistance came to Gamma City, he and Mylene fight against Shun and Marucho and although Hades fights hard Elfin tricks him into hitting Elico, thus they both lost. Mylene then tells Shadow to go with her to the palace.

In Ultimate Bakugan, Mylene, Shadow, and Volt convince Lync to switch sides and leave Spectra. Later he tells Clay Fermin that he works for them and should escape New Vestroia with the Vexos. Mylene tells him that he has a way with words. Soon he joins Mylene Volt and Lync to betray Spectra by killing him in Vest Palace.

In Final Countdown, Shadow leaves New Vestroia with the other Vexos.

In between the first and second arcs, Shadow fled along with the rest of the royal family and the Vexos when the Resistance revealed the lies about the Bakugan. To escape the revolting Vestals, they took off on the Vexos Motherpalace into space.

Arc 2

In Revenge of the Vexos, he is shown talking with Zenoheld about where the Brawlers are at.

In Spectra Rises he is shown mocking Lync after the later lost to Shun and Storm Skyress. When Hydron starts insulting the Vexos Shadow tells him his win against Baron meant nothing since Baron was a "newbie". He then rants on about how he will score an attribute energy only for Volt to shut him up and insist that he go.

In Shadow Attack, soon after Volt returned from brawling, Zenoheld receives a transmission from Spectra, who claims that the Vexos, Hydron, and Zenoheld himself were responsible for the mess in the previous arc. In return, Zenoheld tells Shadow Prove to look out for Dan and the others so that he'll get the Attribute Energies first. But when Shadow tries to leave, he realizes Spectra jammed the transporting system, making it impossible to travel to Vestal and back. This infuriates Zenoheld, knowing that Spectra is up to something. Eventually, though, Shadow goes to earth and battles Alice Gehabich and Chan Lee to lure Dan and the others back to Earth, after requesting it to King Zenoheld to show up Mylene, who had previously failed to obtain an attribute energy. He chases her around the forest wearing a dog mask and pretending to be a "werewolf" to try to scare her but it only confuses her and he forces Alice into a battle, which Chan Lee joins right before it begins. They destroy Hades and the result is Hades' pieces crashing and it is unable to return to ball form. He also destroys Dr. Michael's Laboratory with his Trap Bakugan Fortress, but Shadow has no knowledge of this. He later wins using his new mechanical Bakugan, MAC Spider, succeeding in his mission.

In Brontes' Betrayal He is seen teasing Volt and warning Lync not to mess with Volt when he gets mad. Volt tells everyone to shut up and Shadow responds he knows Volt is tough. Volt eventually leaves telling the others to be quiet.

In Elfin On the Run, He convinces Zenoheld to let him battle due to the fact that he beat two brawlers on his own. He teams up with Hydron, due to their recent successes against the Resistance, to get the Aquos Energy from Minx Elfin. Disguising themselves as policemen, they battle Marucho with Preyas and Minx Elfin and although they lost, they still manage to get the Aquos Attribute Energy thanks to Shadow using Spider Cannon.

In Virtual Insanity, he and Mylene go back to Earth in search for one of the three attribute energies left. After they find Billy they follow him to Marucho's house and head back to the Mother Palace to let the other Vexos know where the Resistance is.

In All Or Nothing, He Mylene and Volt are shown in a control room. Shadow brags how he will get another attribute energy to which Volt and Mylene tell him to calm down. They then notice a signal coming from another universe which turns out to be the Vestal Destroyer.

In Avenging Spectra, Shadow appears along with the rest of the Vexos when Spectra and Gus show up and threaten King Zenoheld to leave the brawlers alone. He then insults Spectra with the other Vexos telling Spectra he properly came to help the Brawlers After this, when eating dinner, he argues with Mylene due to the fact that he eats with his mouth open. Lync then compares them to his grandparents and laughs. He then gets shocked when Gus takes Zenoheld hostage.

he is shown laughing at the brawlers attempts to travel in the palace during Ambush. He later battled alongside Lync against Ace and Marucho in the Motherpalace and manages to defeat them and claim the Darkus energy thanks to the Vexos Trap Field helping out their Bakugan.

When the BT system is about to launch in Exodus he taunts the brawlers saying all the Bakugan are going to die. However, he gets proven wrong when Drago absorbed the energies causing Shadow to freak out.

In Fusion Confusion, he was shown watching Zenoheld punish Hydron after the BT system was destroyed much to his worry.

In Volt's Revolt, after King Zenoheld announces his Alternate Weapon will be used to destroy Earth and Vestal he whispers to Mylene that he's cuckoo, possibly showing that he does not like this idea like the rest of the Vexos. He later appeared again alongside the Vexos, except Volt who left the Vexos. At the end of the episode, he appeared along with the remaining Vexos after Volt was disposed of by Hydron, and listened to Zenoheld's warning that he would make them suffer the same fate should they betray him.

In Payback, Shadow was in Professor Clay's lab, and left after Zenoheld ordered Mylene to get the Phantom Data from the Brawlers. At the end of the episode, he appears alongside the remaining Vexos, except Lync who betrayed the Vexos by copying the Alternative Data, and was disposed of by Hydron.

In Mylene's Meltdown, he then joins Mylene on going to Marucho's House to get the Bakugan data where they split up. He runs into Runo, Shun, Dan and Keith. He fights Keith in a fist fight and loses to him. Mira is then held hostage when Mylene manages to grab hold of her. Mylene demands that they will release her if they give her the data. Keith willingly agrees to the demand, worried for his sister. After falling into a trap by Keith, he and Mylene battle him and Mira. Shadow takes on Spectra one on one and though he manages to trap Helios MK2 he still loses and has his Bakugan blown up. Mylene ends up losing to Mira and having Macubass destroyed. They then get trapped inside Bakugan Interspace after Mylene's Death bomb does not work.

In An Heir To Spare, after Mylene got sucked into Bakugan Interspace, Shadow grabbed her hand and got sucked in with her. After they were sucked in, Mylene disagreed with his actions, but he only expressed his amusement for traveling to the ends of the dimension with her as his best friend. They were last seen in some kind of dimension still holding on to each other's hand before disappearing.



Bakugan Battle Brawlers: New Vestroia

  • Darkus MAC Spider (New Mechanical Guardian Bakugan, used after Hades was destroyed. Destroyed in Episode 48 by Helios MK2)
  • Darkus Hades (Former Mechanical Guardian Bakugan, destroyed by Alpha Hydranoid in episode 32).
  • Darkus Fortress (Bakugan Trap, destroyed by Fortress in episode 32).
  • Darkus Sylvee (Former Minor Guardian-Temporary Bakugan, destroyed by Marucho in episode 11).
  • Darkus Atchibee (Former Minor Guardian-Taken by Baron)
  • Darkus Hammersaur (Taken by Baron)
  • Darkus Anchorsaur (Taken by Baron)


  • His appearance is somewhat similar to Anubias from Mechtanium Surge. They both have spiky silver hairstyle, Darkus attribute specialty and flamboyant personality.
  • Shadow is the only antagonist Darkus Brawler who doesn't seem to play major role as the others such as Masquerade, Emperor Barodius, Ren, Anubias, Wiseman, and Mag Mel
  • Mira referred to him in the second episode of the Japanese version as the Greatest Darkus Brawler and Personification of Darkness [ダークオン最強のバトラ 闇の諸兄人 シャドウ・プローヴ (Dakuon Saikyou no Battora Yami no Shokei-hito Shiyadou Purobu)].
  • Shadow is actually a young Vestal nobleman, though it is not discussed in the show. It is mentioned in the Bakugan New Vestroia official handbook.
  • In arc 2, Shadow is always referred to by his full name.
  • He and Mylene are the only Vexos Members that didn't turn on King Zenoheld.
  • He and Ace share two things in common, both are Darkus brawlers and both have a crush on the female member in their group (Mira and Mylene)
  • It was revealed in Episode 48 that Shadow apparently always hated Spectra.


Shadow Prove has only won three battles, one of them due to his opponent holding back, one losing his guardian Bakugan in the process, and one was from a Trap Field. This shows he is a decent brawler.


Bakugan Battle Brawlers: New Vestroia

Opponent(s) Episode(s) Outcome
Unknown Vestal Brawlers Offscreen Win
Baron Leltoy 3 Lose (due to Ancient Glow)
Marucho Marukura 10-11 Lose (due to Elfin becoming Darkus)
Shun Kazami 15 Win (opponent held back)
Dan Kuso and Baron Leltoy (Tag with Mylene) 20 Lose (due to Drago's power increase)
Shun Kazami and Marucho Marukura (Tag with Mylene) 22-23 Lose
Alice Gehabich and Chan Lee 32 Win (lost Hades)
Marucho Marukura (Tag with Hydron) 35 Lose (due to land pressure being flipped) (took the Aquos energy)
Ace Grit and Marucho Marukura (Tag with Lync) 40 Win (due to Trap Field)
Spectra Phantom 48 Lose (due to opponent using a Farbas Ability)