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Sea Slug (灘(シー)スラグ, Shī Suragu?) is a Japanese original Bakugan from the BakuTech series.

Official Description

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' (超低重心の防御型爆丸。トサカのようなクロスパーツが盾となり攻撃を吸収。アームとトサカがコンバートできる。?)


BakuTech! Bakugan

Physical Game

Sea Slug is equipped with BakuTech Convert System which enables part exchange within the same type of Bakugan that three Normal Crosses are on its crest and arms. Its crest which can be lowered can absorb opponent's attack. It has 620 Gs.

Pentagon Parameter

  • Attack: ?
  • Defence: ?
  • Occupy: ?
  • Control: ?
  • Stand: ?
  • Total: ?

Gate Card(s)

Ability Card(s)

Fusion Ability Card(s)


The Kanji in the Japanese name of Sea Slug, (On: tan/Kun: nada), means open sea.


  • Sea Slug was once named Shield (シールド, Shīrudo?)[1] tentatively.


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