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Scorpion (Japanese Version: Scorpio (スコルピオ, Sukorupio?)) is a Pyrus coin-shaped Bakugan Trap from New Vestroia, who is given to Dan Kuso by Mira Fermin.



Scorpion links with Drago. He can rise up on his six legs to tower over his enemy. He has two colossal pincers with metal spiked balls and a long tail with an especially deadly pointer that can snap like a whip. His exoskeleton shell protects his insides from damage during battle.


Bakugan: New Vestroia[]

Scorpion was given to Dan in episode 5 by Mira and helped Drago battle Gus Grav's Premo Vulcan and Hexados, but loses along with Drago.

In Return of a Friend, Scorpion teamed with Drago again to battle Premo Vulcan. Drago and Scorpion use Burning Dragon and Satellite Boost causing flames to rain down and hit Vulcan. Vulcan uses Pryas Durance to get rid of the flames, but does not do much causing Drago to headbut Vulcan winning Scorpion and Drago the round.

In episode 16, Scorpion helps Drago face Viper Helios, but fails due to Metalfencer.

In the match against Mira and Gus, Scorpion uses two abilities that helped take down Grafias, Spitarm, and Brachium by boosting Drago's power.

Ability Cards
  • Reflection Boost: Reflects the opponent's ability and subtracts 100 Gs from the opponent.
  • Satellite Impact: Reflects the opponent's ability. If reflecting an ally's ability, it targets all the opponent's Bakugan on the field.
  • Satellite Boost: Adds 100 Gs to Scorpion.
  • Max Reflector: Reflects the opponent's ability twice the power and targets all the opponent's Bakugan on the field.


  • All of Scorpion's abilities reflect the opponent's abilities.
  • In ball form, he resembles a red Shoxrox.
  • Dan stopped using Scorpion at one point in the Anime, like how Mira stopped using Baliton.
  • Scorpion is one of only two Bakugan Traps shown to be able to move on its own in ball form.
  • Oddly enough, Scorpion was seen "floating" in midair numerous times, even though he doesn't have any wings or any other factors that allow him to fly.
  • On a Fire Scorpion is shown under the name 'Scorpion' while 'Fire Scorpion' is nowhere to be seen.
  • A few times, Dan referred to him as "Scorpio," which is its Japanese name.
  • Dan has used Scoprion in all of his battles against Gus.