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Sabator (Japanese Version: Bulltican (ブルティカン, Burutikan?)) is a minotaur-like Bakugan. It is Nurzak's Guardian Bakugan. His Battle Gear is Chompixx.



Sabator is partners with Nurzak of the Twelve Orders but is now sided with the Brawlers. Sabator is a powerful fighter; he manipulates the energy of the ground and unleashes attacks from every direction. He spins the drills and saws on his body to charge at his opponent. Sabator is a bit of a wild one that enjoys taking risks.


Bakugan Battle Brawlers: New Vestroia[]

In Final Fury, Sabator was seen with Dharak, Krakix, Strikeflier, Lumagrowl, and Lythirus battling and winning against the Castle Knights's Bakugan in a video that Clay Fermin received from Fabia Sheen (although at the time, it was from an anonymous source).

Bakugan: Gundalian Invaders[]

In A New Beginning, he appeared properly for the first time in Dan Kuso's vision after he and Helix Dragonoid were knocked out in their battle against Ren Krawler and Linehalt, fighting the Castle Knights and their Bakugan alongside the rest of the Twelve Orders Bakugan and beating them all.

He also appears in a flashback in Revelation when Ren tells the Battle Brawlers that Nethia invaded Gundlia.

He reappears in Exposed, in a flashback when Marucho Marukura and Ren Krawler were talking about the war between the Gundalians and the Neathians.

In The Sacred Orb, he fought against the and Castle Knights alongside Lumagrowl, Lythirus, Strikeflier, Kraxix and various Bakugan belonging to brainwashed kids such as Bee Striker and Ramdol to try and destroy the Second Security Shield. He ends up getting blasted by Lumitroids and a Damakor and feels no damage. After punching them hard he beats them all. An army of Haos Luxtors attacked him though he beat them and said this was to easy. He ended up battling Coredem with the later calling him his worst nightmare. The two brawled in a head to head clash and Nurzak realized Sabator was evenly matched in the battle. He managed to knock his opponent down. Later on in the battle, he was transported back to Gundalia by the Sacred Orb with the rest of the Twelve Orders.

In The Secret of the Orb Sabator asked Nurzak about his thoughts on the Sacred Orb when Nurzak and Ren went on a mission for Kazarina. Later on, he battled against Akwimos and Aranaut while tagging with Linehalt. He and Aranaut sit round one out due to Marucho Marukura wanting to fight Ren alone which Akwimos wins. In round 2, he appears and gets ready to charge at his opponent's. Aranaut and Akwimos get ready to attack, but he uses Brute cap wilder and knocks the Neathian Bakugan down. He then uses Destroy Horn which Akwimos blocks with Heal blue. Sabator then charges at Akwimos knocking him down again. Then everyone uses their battle Gear where Chompixx first appears. The battle gear abilities cause major damage. But before they could finish their battle the Sacred Orb sent out a Dimensional Twister and he and Linehalt were forced to retreat, or they would have been bounced around Dimensions. After returning Nurzak told Sabator he learned a lot about the power of the Orb.

In Divide and Conquer, he battled Dharak with Chompixx. He won the first round by using a Level 3 Class Battle Gear ability, but near the end of the battle, when Dharak used AirKor, he and Nurzak were transported to an unknown place between dimensions.

He and Nurzak joined the Brawlers at Neathia after Dan defeated Dragonoid Colossus in Genesis.

In Redemption, he battled against Lythirus and Lumagrowl alongside Aranaut. During Round 2 when Plitheon Phosphos and Contestir join their opponent's side, Lythirus tries to drown the group, but he grabs Nurzak hoping to rescue him, but when Nurzak goes to help Fabia he and Nurzak ended up being swept down the channel, and are presumed dead for a while.

In Gundalian Showdown, it is shown that he and Nurzak are still alive thanks to Mason Brown finding them.

In Broken Spell, he takes out several Impalatons, alongside Avior with his ability Destroy Horn. He was mistakenly called Haos Sabator in this episode.

In Code Eve he and Nurzak start his ship while Fabia and Mason stay on ground and have Aranaut and Avior fight Krakix under gills orders who wants them killed, before heading off to Neathia. He then battled Phantom Dharak, Strikeflier, Lythirus and other Gundalian Bakugan alongside Rubanoid, Phosphos, Blitz Dragonoid, Raptorix, Contestir, Akwimos, Hawktor, Coredem, Plitheon, Linehalt, Dragonoid Colossus Avior, Aranaut and other Neathian Bakugan. He later tried to battle Phantom Dharak but was defeated by Lythirus.

In Destiny Revealed he headed back to Gundalia along with Nurzak and Ren's Team to help form a new government.


Ability Cards[]

  • Brutecam Wilder (Japanese Version: Brucam Wilder): Adds 500 Gs to Sabator.
  • Destroy Horn: Subtracts 400 Gs from each opponent.
  • Range Sonic (Break Sonic, Japanese Version: Buster Sonic)
  • Tough Rock: Nullifies the opponent's abilities for a short time.
  • Darkus Matter: Transfers all the G-Power of a Darkus Bakugan to Sabator. (If Sabator absorbs too much, he'll be destroyed).
  • Force Chaser (Japanese Version: Power Chaser): Reflects the opponent's ability.

Physical Game[]

Sabator was released along with Lumino Dragonoid, Akwimos, Aranaut, Hakapoid, and Krakix in North America. In the combat set, Ventus and Subterra are seen with a Copper Chompixx, a Gold Chompixx and a Silver Vilantor Gear. Its Subterra version has 830 Gs in BakuBoosts and 650 Gs in the BakuTriads, 740 Gs in the combat set, and 800 Gs in BakuStealth. Its Aquos version has 630 Gs in BakuTriads. The Aquos and Pyrus versions are rare. Its Ventus version has 800 Gs and 770 Gs. It can be attached to Battle Gear by pulling its arms down and flattening its tail and legs backwards. It can evolve into Gren in the game.


  • Sabator is based off the Minotaur, a Greek mythological creature with head of a bull and body of a man.
  • His real form is considerably darker than his ball form, like most season 1 Subterra Bakugan.
  • In Bakugan form he looks similar to Saurus.
  • He is one of the two Bakugan in the Twelve Orders to not fight Drago in Gundalian Invaders, another one being Plitheon.
  • For unknown reasons he does not appear in Bakugan Battle Brawlers: Mechtanium Surge despite Nurzak appearing. It’s possible that, considering the changes Nurzak did to Gundalia’s government, that Nurzak stopped battling altogether which in itself doesn’t fit the Gundalian society, especially considering how powerful Sabator proved to be.