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Ron Pardo

Ron Pardo is the voice actor for Shinjiro Kuso, Tatsuo Misaki, Kyosuke Marukura, Kato, Michael Gehabich, Hal-G, Fourtress, Juggernoid, Clayf, Nemus, Wilda, Coredem, Abis Omega, Boulderon, Premo Vulcan and Krakix in the Bakugan franchise. He also voiced Vladitor in the Bakugan Battle Brawlers video game.

Other Notable Roles

  • Quest (World of Quest)
  • Octopus (Atomic Betty)
  • Cap'n Turbot (PAW Patrol)
  • Maxum Man (Sidekick)
  • Ump (Turbo Dogs)
  • Narrator (Spider Riders)
  • Dr. Eugene Aki (Medabots)
  • Ryo Hagane (Beyblade: Metal Fusion, Beyblade: Metal Masters, and Beyblade: Metal Fury)
  • Zookeeper Zack (Fisher Price Little People)