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Rockfist (ロックフィスト?) is a Chaos Mechtogan in Bakugan: Mechtanium Surge. It is Vertexx's Mechtogan. It belongs to Mag Mel, which he shares with Sellon and Anubias.



Rockfist grounds his massive energy and faces opponents square on. With reinforced shoulders built to wield his enormous fists, Rockfist packs a punch which lives up his name. The sheer size of this Mechtogan strikes fear into his opponents.


Bakugan: Mechtanium Surge[]

Rockfist made his debut in Triple Threat. He was summoned by Sellon alongside Miserak and Deezall. He fought against Titanium Dragonoid and Zenthon and was doing well until they summoned Zenthon Titan. When the Titan appeared, all three Mechtogan were defeated.

In Battle Lines, he appeared with the other Chaos Mechtogan and he was defeated by Marucho, Trister, and Cannonfury.

In Unlocking the Gate, he was summoned by Mag Mel to fight Dan and Drago, but lost against Spectra, Helios, and Bombaplode.

In True Colours, it was used by Anubias, but was defeated by Vexfist and Boulderon.

In Dangerous Beauty, he was seen in Bakugan Interspace alongside Braxion and Miserak, attempting to attack the kids stranded inside. He was easily defeated by Titanium Dragonoid's Revolutional.


Rockfist is #11 in the Mechtogan series, released in Wave 3. The Darkus version has 190 Gs, the Pyrus version has 200 Gs, and the Ventus version has 200 Gs.