Rise Hollow Twin Pack Limited Edition (天幻シインパシクLimited Edition, Ten Maboroshi Shiin Pakku Limited Edition (Heaven and Illusion Twin Pack Limited Edition)?) is an exclusive BakuTech set released in the Jiseidai World Hobby Fair (WHF) Summer 2012.


  • Pyrus Rise Dragaon Proto RED version 天(ライズ)ドラガオン プロト RED (レード) ver. (ヴアーシヨン) (Ten (Raizu) Doragaon Puroto Redo Vuashiyon?)
  • Darkus Hollow Munikis Proto BLACK version 幻(ホロ)ムニキス プロト BLACK (ブラシク) ver. (ヴアーシヨン) (Maboroshi (Horo) Munikisu Puroto Burakku Vuashiyon?)


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