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Riley was a NPC (Non-Playable Character) in Bakugan Dimensions. Her sister was Poppy, who enjoyed pestering Riley. If you defeated Poppy, she paid you. She was a Darkus brawler and her Fighting Style was Gate Controller.


(Before brawling the Player)
"My sister Poppy is so demanding."

(In response to "Let's brawl!")
"Must I? I love Bakugan but I need some rest."
(In response to "No?")
"Oh, thank goodness." (Player does not brawl Poppy)

(After being defeated by the Player)

(Giving the Player a Quest)
"Poppy's got that look in her eye. Go play her before she grabs me!"

(In response to "Where is she?")
"Right over there! She's looking at us!"

(After the Player completes the Quest)
"And it's over already? Well, thanks for the break. Here's your reward." (You receive 900 BakuCoins for completing the Quest.)



  • She looks similar to Chris only with longer hair and green eyes instead of purple.