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Rickoran (リコラン, Rikoran?) is a spider/car-like BakuCloser Bakugan.



Rickoran is a spider on wheels. He steamrolls over rivals with his indestructible front wheels. Rickoran shoots poisonous claws when battling in the arena. He takes off his wheel and throws it like a disk, slicing through the enemy's armor.

Physical Game

It is in the BakuCloser series. Rickoran has been seen in Aquos, Subterra, Pyrus, and Ventus. The Aquos version has 880 Gs or 910 Gs. The Ventus version has 910 Gs. The Pyrus version has 850 Gs or 770 Gs. The Subterra version has 730 Gs or 910 Gs.


  • It is the second vehicle-type Bakugan, the first being Ramdol.
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