This is no circus, fool! Bakugan battling involves rules and honor!
—Reptak to Coredegon, Evil Arrival

Reptak is a Baku Sky Raider Bakugan, who combines with Fusion Dragonoid to create Aeroblitz. He is the Guardian Bakugan of Gunz. His Bakugan Battle Suits are Doomtronic and Combustoid.



When combined with Fusion Dragonoid, Reptak forms a frightening and unbeatable warrior. On his own, Reptak is one of the most cunning Baku Sky Raiders, as he attacks with incredible craftiness. With his out stretched body type he is able to strike opponents when they least expect it. The scissor blades on his wings are used to slice through opponents to give little chance of a counter attack.


Mechtanium Surge Reptak made his debut in Evil Arrival, where he and Gunz defeated an unknown Battler and Marucho and Radizen. Reptak fought against Drago, but the match was cancelled, when Mandibor, Coredegon, Exostriker, and Slycerak came to Bakugan City and started destroying the battle arena. He was then defeated by Coredegon.

He made his second apperance in Wiseman Cometh, where he joined the Battle Brawlers to look for his missing partner, Gunz. He was then launched By Dragonoid Destroyer, fighting with Dragonoid Destroyer, Drago, Jaakor and Radizen against Wiseman and his Nonet Bakugan and was victorius.

He appeared in Mysterious Bond, where he used his Battle Suit Doomtronic and fused with Drago to become Aeroblitz, and with their combined power they were able to defeat Wiseman and his Bakugan.

He will appear in the episode Enemy Allies using a Haos Combustoid fighting along side Fusion Dragonoid and Defendtrix, Radizen and Clawbruk, and Jaakor and Fortatron.

Ability Cards

  • Spark Up (Spark Hook)
  • Grapple Buster
  • Eyes Shield


Reptak is a Baku Sky Raider who uses the BakuSnap add-ons. It fuses with Fusion Dragonoid to make Aeroblitz. The Pyrus Booster pack version has 830 Gs plus 90 Gs with BakuSnap. The Subterra version has 850 Gs plus 70 Gs with BakuSnap. The Ventus version has 890 Gs plus 50 Gs with BakuSnap. It may be released in other attributes in the BakuFusion packs.





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