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Rekka Hiryu (R(レッカ)ヒリュウ, Rekka Hiryū?) is a dragon-like Japanese original Bakugan from the Bakugan Armors series.

Official Description

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' (爆丸新シリーズ!アーマーズ登場!アーマーシステムという機体がコア・スキル・属性の3つに分解され、他のアーマーズ爆丸とスキルチェンジ・属性チェンジが可能になった!Rヒリュウのスキルは「ヒャッタス」。パワーレベルが+100になるぞ!?)

Physical Game


  • Regular Rekka Hiryu
  • Acquisition(s): BAB-01
  • G-Power variation(s): 750/730

Gate Card(s)

Ability Card(s)

Fusion Ability Card(s)

Useable Skill

Rekka Hiryu's default Skill Arm comes with the Useable Skill called 'Plus Hundred' (ヒャッタス, Hyatasu?) which adds an additional power bonus of 100G during Power Battle (Power Level + Attribute Gate Card Bonus + 100).


'Rekka' is derived from the Japanese for raging fire, 烈火 (rekka), while 'Hiryu' is derived from the Japanese for flying dragon, 飛龍 (hiryū).


  • Rekka Hiryu was once named Red Dragon (赤​龍, Akaryū?) tentatively.[1] 
  • The Rekka Sole Parts is made of the same mold as the Hado Sole Parts.  


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