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Razoid (Japanese version: DiuKor (ジュコア, Jukoa?)) is Lythirus's Battle Gear. It belonged to Stoica in Bakugan: Gundalian Invaders.



Razoid is a Battle Gear which opens up to reveal two giant, powerful claws. Its red diamond glows intensely, sending the enemy into a trance, allowing it to eliminate its opponent with a mighty claw swipe. The claws dig under the ground for sneak attacks.


Bakugan: Gundalian Invaders

It first appeared in The Secret Switch to aid Lythirus in his battle against Hawktor and Aranaut, though its temporary advantage was not enough to win the battle. In Colossus Dharak, it made another appearance to help Lythirus battle Coredem and Akwimos. It was still attached to Lythirius when he defeated Akwimos in the following episode, but it was not used any further.

In Redemption, it was used to battle Sabator and Aranaut and helped Lumagrowl to win the first round.

It was used in another match against Shun and Hawktor in Final Strike.

In Broken Spell, it was seen attached to Lythirus as he and Strikeflier battled Blitz Dragonoid and Hawktor, but was not used on-screen.

Ability Cards
  • Razoid Charybdis (Razoid Charger): Brings each opponent's power level back to their base level, subtracts 400 Gs from each opponent, and adds 400 Gs to Razoid.


Razoid is currently tied with Vicer, Beamblitzer, and Gigarth for highest G Power on a non-Deluxe Battle Gear, with 120 Gs in Silver and 110 Gs in Copper.

Reference Card:

  • Aquos: Change your enemy's printed G-Power to that of any Bakugan in your enemy's used pile.
  • Subterra: If you win this battle by more than 200 G-Power, remove one of your enemy's Gear from the game.


  • Razoid, along with AirKor and Battle Turbine, were the only three Twelve Orders Battle Gear that did not show anything higher than a Level 1 Battle Gear Ability.
  • Its shape is very similar to the Bakugan Trap Scorpion.
  • Razoid's ability Razoid Charybdis is likely a reference to Charybdis, one of the two sea monsters Odysseus and his men encountered in the Odyssey.