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Ramdol (ラムドル, Ramudoru?) is a motorcycle-like Bakugan, and is a Special Evolution.



Ramdol can blind enemies with a powerful light beam. He uses his wheels to race and ram into the enemy and with super fast acceleration he outruns any attacker.


Bakugan: Gundalian Invaders[]

A Darkus Ramdol appeared in Twin Attack fighting Dan and Jake.

An army of Haos Ramdols appears fighting against Neathia in episode 14.

In Sid Returns, a couple of Ventus Splights and Ziperators were seen battling Neathia, riding on Darkus Ramdols.

In Dream Escape, an army of Darkus Ramdols were seen fighting Neathia.

Ability Cards
  • Dual Battle: Adds 400 Gs to each Bakugan using the ability and causes another Bakugan to ride Ramdol. (Darkus)
  • Extreme Illumination (Japanese version: X-Stream): Subtracts 200 Gs from each opponent. (Darkus)

Physical Game[]

Its Ventus version has 1030 Gs however, some Ventus have 1070 Gs, Darkus comes in two variations, one has 1050 Gs and the weakest has 910 Gs, Pyrus version has 1020 Gs and 900 Gs and its Aquos version is 1000 Gs and another has 1030 Gs. A Haos Version has 1100 Gs and a Subterra has 950 Gs. It is Battle Gear compatible.

Reference Card
  • EVOLVES FROM: Any BakuMetalix under 700 G-Power.
  • Unique: While Ramdol is standing or in your used pile, no other Bakugan may evolve.


  • In both the game and the anime Darkus Ramdol's ball form has green horns, but strangely when its in Bakugan form its horns are yellow. It is the same with Haos Ramdol, where the ball form has orange horns and the Bakugan form has yellow horns.
  • Ramdol is one of the few Bakugan with enough room on its Battle Gear-connecting space to fit another entire Bakugan on it. It can even fit a Ziperator on it, which is appropriate, due to Ziperator often riding on Ramdol in the anime.
  • Its face and horns resemble those of Dharak/Phantom Dharak.